10 Clever Ideas to Recycle Old Items


We have a plenty of broken household items in our houses that we use to throw away every day. But you can turn them into useful products by making a little effort. Here are the top 10 ideas by which you can use various broken and unwanted household items into useful products:

1. Turn the Broken Globes into Lights

If your globe has been broken, then do not throw it away. That is the right time to make an ideal thing by using this globe. The best thing that you can do is to pass a wire from the center of the globe and then adjust a light bulb. Now that will act as a perfect globe. You can either hang it in study room or in kid’s room. You can also make the embellishments on the globe to make it finer.

2. Make Candles from Broken Jars

If you are planning to throw a jar that has been cracked or broken, then do not make such attempt and try to convert it in a useful piece. Use the melted wax and pour it into the jar. Now insert a wick and there will be a great jar candle ready for you. You can also show your creativity here by using the wax of various colors. Make the layers of wax with various colors. That will give an attractive look to your candle. Similarly you can also add the shimmer in melted wax to make it artistic.

3. Make the Candles From the Caps of the Bottles

In every house there are a huge number of caps of the bottles. These caps can be used to make the candles. Simply pour the wax and add wick in the cap. That will act as a little candle for you. You can place them on dining table.

4. Use the Broken Plates For Edging

Broken plates are the greatest option for edging of the garden trees and boarders. If your plates have been cracked then make two pieces of these plates and make a border of it. You can use these plates to make an edge of the trees and various plants. Plates of various colors can also be used. However if you do not have colored plates then you can also go for an option to paint the plates to give the better looks to your garden.

5. Make Flower Pots From Broken Culinary Items

Broken culinary items like broken cups, sauce pans and even steel colanders can be used for planting purposes. Like if you have broken cups then you can join the broken pieces with water insoluble gum. After that add some soil and grow a plant. Indoor plants are the best option for these planting purposes. These are also decorative. These cups can be made nice-looking by minor glass work or by pasting the beads.

6. Use the Old Tires For Planting

If you have vehicle facility in your home, then you must have useless tires in your home. This useless tire trash can be converted into treasure by painting them. After that you can put these tires in your garden and grow multiple flowering plants in it. That cool and different idea will make your garden eye catching.

7. Use the Bottles For Making the Beads

There are many plastic bottles in our houses that are thrown away every day. But it is best to use them instead of throwing. These bottles can be used to make the beads and these beads can be used for decorative purposes. Always keep one thing in mind that these beads are not that easy to make, so try to make some practice and then make the beads of the bottles.

8. Make Art Work With Cracked Plates

Cracked plates can also be used as decoration pieces. Like if your plates have cracks, then paint the plates and mark these cracks with glittery paint. That will give a new look to the plate. After that hang it on a wall. That will act as a best decoration piece. You can also use the dishes for that purpose and you can also use various plates at a time.

9. Turn a Broken Frame into Jewelry Hanger

If your frame has been broken then you can convert it into an ear ring hanger. Pass a wire from the frame and then hang your jewelry like ear rings on it. You can also make some changes in this frame by repainting or by adding some crystal beads. That will act as a perfect jewelry hanger for the women of all age groups.

10. Use the Broken Cups as Bird Feeder

Broken cups and saucers can be used to make the bird feeders. Use the water insoluble gum to fix the cup on the saucer and add some bird seeds in it. Hang that new bird feeder in your terrace or place it in your garden. That will act as a perfect and chic bird feeder.


There are a lot of things you consider useless but little effort and some innovation can make them useful.