3 Ways To Clean Bathroom Fast


Bathroom, the most disliked of all the rooms for cleaning. Huge effort and a lot of time is required to shine the toilets, showers, sinks, and bathtubs. Unfortunately, it’s the most active area of your home, visited by every guest almost. This makes its cleaning twice or thrice in a week highly obliged because you don’t want to sweat when a visitor asks that if he /she can use the bathroom or get fresh. In this article, you’ll learn three ways on how to clean your most disliked room super fast in amazingly less than 15 minutes. So that you could relax when a guest enters your bathroom and checks your housework skills.

1. Perform Routine Wash Twice a Day

After you’re finished with showering, spray some cleaner to remove soap residue from shower and bathtub areas. Polish all the areas with a sponge – exclusive for the bathroom. Clean all the areas with hot water. Remove all excess water from the bathroom with a squeegee. Wipe down the walls and ground quickly and then wash it with water. Set all the accessories on the sink properly at their places. Use a wet cloth with a cleaner to rub out the basin, rub off the mirror and drawers. Insert some toilet disinfectant in the toilet hole. Use the same cloth to rub off the toilet and the seat back. Now wash the tank starting from rubbing the top and then the sides. Now rinse the area behind the seat, top of the seat, its sides and the border of the bowl of the toilet. After this employ, the toilet brushes on the hole. Now flush and wash it with water. Apply vacuum cleaner to absorb the residue. Throw the cloth, take all the cleaners and wash them in the sink. Squirt the glass cleaner on the mirror, rub it off and polish it through a towel.

2. Hang Plastic Bag to Keep Debris and use Bleach to Clean Toilet Bowl

Take a plastic bag and hang it on the knob of the door. It would be used to collect debris. Take some cleaning bleach in a cup and insert it into the toilet bowl. Rub the sides around and on the border. Next take a spray filled with white vinegar and fresh water equally. Take a dry cloth or towel and spray some of this solution on it. Rub away toothpaste sprinkles and soap residue from mirrors, basin, spouts, and the surface of counters. Now run this cloth with more solution on the back of the tank, then on its top, the bottom and then on the front side. Now, flush the toilet from the cleaner. Throw the cloth in the bag hanging on the doorknob. Now take the bathmats and shiver it to remove all the dust. Take a wet paper cloth and rub all the corners to collect all the dirt and put it in the plastic bag. Take the plastic bag upon leaving the bathroom.

3. Empty the Toilet Once in a While to Clean the Walls and Floor and Difficult to Reach Areas Properly

Get all the stuff out of your bathroom. All the shampoos, soaps, cleaners, towels, rugs, toothbrushes, toothpaste, creams, lotions, and litter cans as well. You need a duster having a handle, long enough to reach the corners, vents, and light fixtures. If you don’t have any, then you need a ladder to reach these areas. Once all the dirt falls down from these areas, vacuum the ground. Remove all soap remaining from bathtub and shower through a cleaner. Spray the cleaner on a towel or washcloth and rub the basin, shelves, doors, and windows. The sequence of cleaning of cleaning should be from top to bottom and then from left to right. Now take a bucket and mix warm water with the cleaner in the prescribed amount. Lob this water in the shower, bathtub, walls, and other surfaces and at the end the floor. Clean all items and put them in their places on shower and bathtub. Clean the mirror with the cleaning agent for glasses. Now, pour cleaning agent on the toilet bowl, apply toilet brush for proper cleaning. Afterwards, flush the cleaner. Spray the cleaner on outside of seat and tank and then rub it with a washcloth. In the end, the floor needs to be mopped. Take a bucket filled with water and cleaning solution. Insert the mop and take it out. The excess water should be squeezed up. Clean the floor with this mop. Now take all items, wipe them with a damp cloth and put them in their places.


Any of the above three ways can keep your bathroom clean. The ways differentiate depending on the intensity of the cleaning you required. Majority of the time you go the shortest way but once or maybe twice in a year, you need to employ the long path to get rid of dust which isn’t cleaned normally. Also, having a daily vacuum bathroom keeps it clean from all the residue and hair. The hairs gather around the bathtub or shower and form a type of ring. You need a hair catcher to make sure this doesn’t happen. These precautions allow you to prolong the long cleaning method. On the other hand, you may also check out our tips on fixing running toilet and importance of bidet.