5 Signs That Your Kitchen Needs Remodeling


With changing times comes changing trends. Most people tend to remodel their kitchen based on the latest fashions and trends in society. But that should not be your main and primary goal for remodeling. It is important that you bestow your kitchen the attention that it duly needs especially because it is the most important room in your entire household.

Kitchens are the heart of homes, and having a healthy well maintained kitchen is a sign of a stable and well-nourished family thus, it is important to know when your kitchen asking for some attention, and be sure to give it enough. Following are 5 important indicators that pinpoint towards remodeling and renovating your kitchen.

1. Kitchen Has Signs of Deterioration

The most obvious point of all, is finding your kitchen factions deteriorating. This not only means your kitchen is falling apart but also that it has become outdated and old now. When such an instance occurs, devise a proper course of action to go about in replacing and remodeling your kitchen. Broken cabinet doors, loose hinges and cracked tiles means you need to get a contractor in as soon as possible.

Such circumstances are also prone to more hazards thus, putting your and your family members’ safety into question. Nowadays, there are many kitchen designers that work with your preferences and their expertise to bring to you an up to date and safe to use kitchen. They employ green materials to better the quality of the air indoors and adjust counter tops and kitchen sinks to reduce back and joint strain also.

2. Remodeling Kitchen Will Increase the Resale value of Your Home up to Great Extent

Have you ever wondered why most realtor ads openly cite remodeled bathrooms or kitchen? This is because a well decorated and functional bath or kitchen will increase the price of your house phenomenally because both these aspects of the house are considered the most important ones. Statistically speaking, a remodeled kitchen will get you an 86% return on your remodeling cost and also allow you the benefit of living in a well maintained house with a beautiful kitchen.

Thus, if you are planning on moving or are thinking about it vaguely as a long term endeavor to take place in 2 to 3 years, then it is the perfect time for you to remodel your kitchen and update it with the latest appliances and factions. Because when you actually put your house on the market for sale, your realtor will ask about your kitchen first before anything else.

3. Kitchen should be Handicap friendly And Easier to Use for Old Family Members

Making your kitchen handicap friendly is not just important for disabled family members but also important for you since you are growing old as well. Therefore, if you think your kitchen is not fit to accommodate a rolling wheelchair or have easy access to far away cupboards or high counter-tops, then it is important for you to remodel your kitchen to fit everyone’s needs whether they are present at the moment or will be there in the long term. This way you can also add easy entry and exit doors too.

4. Make Kitchen Energy Efficient to Save Cost on Electricity Bills

Energy saves cost and green energy saves the planet. Making your kitchen energy efficient can turn out to be one of the prime reasons for remodeling your kitchen. Reducing artificial lighting and getting energy efficient appliances like heaters and ovens can not only save cost but also help protect the environment. Enjoy a remodeled kitchen by going green.

Energy efficient appliances also cost lesser to buy these days considering the hype created by the media about saving our planet.

5. Lack of Storage Space is a Hint That Your Kitchen Needs Immediate Remodeling

Adequate storage and proper organization of your kitchen accessories means a clean and healthy environment. And if your kitchen is lacking in space and thus leading to haphazard organization then you really need to reconsider remodeling. With family sizes growing this becomes a necessity eventually. Especially if you have little ones in your home or school or college going children, then you need a full stocked pantry at all times, and a full stocked pantry requires additional space. Thus, it is recommended that before you decide to remodel your kitchen for adding on to space, first do a quick and thorough inventory and then sit with your kitchen designer and architect to decide where to take in more space from.


Remodeling is not an easy task but it is an important task nonetheless especially if your kitchen is breaking down or is in desperate need of added space or isn’t energy efficient enough. Considering the inflation in most countries and the prevailing economic crisis, remodeling can sometimes be costly but if it is necessary then there is not backing away from it and taking a loan from the bank on behalf of this reason also seem fit enough since you can always get a good price on your house later and have over 80% of your money returned back to you. Moreover, understand that the kitchen of any household is the most central place in the whole house and you spend most of your waking hours in it especially if your kitchen is linked or is in connection to your living room thus, having a healthy well modeled kitchen is really important.