8 Most Stupid Cleaning Mistakes You Must Not Repeat


Spring has arrived or it’s your weekend. Whether you like it or not, you need to give some hours of your leisure time cleaning your home. As every now and then your house gets dirty again, cleaning it is considered by some people very useless. It’s very essential to make sure your house is hygienic and has a healthy environment. Also, it increases the life of your household appliances and furniture. As you rush for cleaning, sweeping and mopping your home, the chances of doing it wrong increases. So sometimes at the end of the day, things get spoiled instead of getting cleaned. It’s very important to do it correctly the first time. It will reduce your investment in your home and prevent the loss from being happened rather than to correct it. Discover the 8 most stupid cleaning mistakes observed from the past which you must not repeat.

1. Cleaning Home With Raw Hands Allowing the Germs to Attack

Cleaning directly by raw hands is highly not recommended. It would create irritation, penetrate the natural oil in your skin, damage look of your hands and, most importantly for ladies, destroy any manicure applied. They distort the epidermis’s superior layer. Always wear rubber gloves when doing household tasks. Also after finishing your chores, rinse your hands meticulously as a precaution.

2. Scrubbing the Carpet Hardly Decreases its Lifetime

Have you been scrubbing the carpet when a liquid gets dropped on it? If so, you’ve shorten the life of carpet. When you scrub it, the pile gets damaged as its fibers gets loosen. So no matter how much effort and cleaner agents you put into it, the stain will never wipe out completely and it will dig deep into the fibers. The carpet is spoiled for permanent. The correct way of doing is using a spoon and scrape out what you can. Afterwards, insert soda water over it and cover it with a white towel or a white cloth – colorful and design fabric may bleed. So the stain will get absorbed in the fabric. Now employ a stain remover but first sure it doesn’t fade the color of your carpet.

3. Using Vacuum Cleaner Improperly

In the process of doing this boring work quickly, most people use the vacuum cleaner wrongly. Regardless of how good your vacuum is, don’t ever use it alongside of baseboard or too close to wall to absorb the dust. It will push the dirt further and eventually under the ground. In order to clean these areas properly, never hold your vacuum cleaner perpendicular. Rather, place it parallel to the base. In this way, it will take up all the dirt.

4. Leaving Important Areas during Cleaning Just Because They are Difficult to Reach

Areas out of sight like top of ceiling fan, area behind oven, and fridge top aren’t cleaned as frequently. You should make a checklist to make sure these areas get cleaned every five to six months. Experts say that the dust moves from top to bottom. So if these areas are not cleaned after every period of time, the dirt will eventually reach the entire house. Also, always make sure these areas are cleaned before cleaning the house so the dirt fallen from these areas is picked up later.

5. Use of Low Quality Cleaners Causes More Damage then Benefit

It’s very important to start with the correct cleaner. A cleaner good for one job isn’t necessarily good for every other job as well. Some are disinfectant and some are not. Some discolor material like marble or granite. Always read the instructions on label before using, to get an idea if it’s basic or acidic, to prevent harm. Also, there is no such opinion like super clean effect can be obtained from different chemical mixed together. It’s just a myth.

6. Washing Windows on a Sunny Day is Not a Good Idea

The most deceiving of all the practices is that a hot sunny day is the best time to wash windows. The climate causes cleaning solution to get dry quickly on the window glass and set-asides remaining of streaks. The best day is to do on a cloudy day having temperature equal or less than 20 °C.

7. Using Over Soaked/ Extremely Wet Material on Floor

Using a mop over-soaked is a usual practice in houses and supermarkets. It damages the floor by allowing streaks on it. Also, too much water makes the ground slippery. The best approaches are to first vacuum or sweep the base. After that mop it but use hot water as it will evaporate faster.

8. Using Huge Amount of Cleaner Thinking that it will Give Good Results

If using huge amount of cleaner would’ve been successful then there wouldn’t be any label indicating the optimum usage. Utilizing more is just waste of product and it leaves residue on the surface. So follow the label instructions and observe the cleaner gets absorbed and doesn’t leave any remaining.


So household cleaning isn’t as easy as it looks to be. Like in any profession, there are ideal times; ideal quantities and ideal products to use to get an optimum result in a fast and good way. So those saying, “It’s just cleaning! How hard can it be?” should rethink. Or they would end up doing the above stupid mistakes.