About Us

Greetings from The Smart Home Keeping Team

Smart Home Keeping is formed by a group of part time bloggers who are passionate about recommending the right products to others. Some of us do not live close to each other, but we all get very excited when it comes to sharing our experiences using our day to day household products. We all LOVE to help others. We do so by paying attention to our friends needs, and share our experiences with products we know and personally used or tried. At the end of 2013, a few members got together then we decided to start this website to offer our experiences and passion with broader audience. That’s probably why you are reading this page. 🙂


The way we structured our website is dividing products into different categories by different rooms or places in any home: Bedroom, Bathroom, Livingroom, Garage, Kitchen, Outdoor and a few other important categories such as Health and Kids. You will find different products under each room they belong to. For each product, we provide product reviews on different models you can find on the market, and general buying guides to assist you to choose the products that suits your needs best. In each buying guide we write, we include a table of 3-10 best products we can find so they are narrowed down for you to choose from.

We love to hear from you, feel free to write to us here.