Is Aftershave Lotion Necessary


You’re probably itching to shave off unwanted hairs right now, but not having an aftershave lotion gives you second thoughts. Is aftershave lotion necessary?

If your skin is sensitive to lack of moisture, you really need to use an aftershave lotion.

According to the popular brand Bevel, the right type of aftershave lotion contains moisturizer as the base. It is excellent for hydration, which is what the skin needs after a good shave.

Of course, the quality of the lotion depends on its ingredients. Essential oils are the gentler alternatives to alcohol because they’re antibacterial without making your skin dry. Some of the best oils are from tea tree, aloe vera, and jojoba.

Another advantage you’ll surely appreciate is the lotion’s soothing effect. Razor bumps get worse with alcohol, so always choose a moisturizer. It can easily relieve swelling.

In Conclusion

Is aftershave lotion necessary?

If you have sensitive dry skin, you should use it. This type of product usually contains moisturizer that can hydrate your skin no matter how harsh the shaving process is.

For some shaving tips, learn how to shave with a safety razor. You should also know how to prevent ingrown facial hairs afterward.

If you’re also using shaving cream, we have something important to tell you if you’re planning to use electric shavers.