What Age Can Children Use an Electric Toothbrush


If you think your child is ready to use an electric toothbrush, think again. Before anything else, you should consider your kid’s age first. To learn more about it, let’s find out – what age can children use an electric toothbrush?

Kids may own electric toothbrushes at three years old

The answer is pretty straightforward. According to the popular brand Oral-B, only kids ages three years old and above can use electric toothbrushes. This type of toothbrush promotes a more thorough cleaning which can be too harsh for younger babies.

For babies ages four to 36 months, manual toothbrushes with extra-soft bristles are required – nothing else.

Choose the right kind of electric toothbrush

Obviously, you can’t just give any type of electric toothbrush to your child. You still have to consider a few factors for your kid’s safety and independence. Think about the following features before purchase:

  • Small non-slip handle
  • Small brush head
  • Extra-soft bristles
  • Adorable design

Taking this guide seriously will help you teach your child proper brushing without any hassle. You can also effortlessly instill independence when it comes to personal hygiene.

In Conclusion

What age can children use an electric toothbrush?

Remember to only give your child an electric toothbrush when he reaches three years old. Younger kids just need the simpler manual toothbrush with very soft bristles. Of course, an electric toothbrush should have that feature as well.

For more information about electric toothbrushes, learn some tips on proper cleaning and head replacement.