Air Fryer Smells Like Plastic: What to Do?


If you already own an air fryer, you’d agree that it’s one of the coolest appliances you have in your kitchen. It allows you to make healthier versions of your favorite foods.

But what if your air fryer smells like plastic all of a sudden?

Don’t worry; it just needs to be cleaned and below, we are sharing some great tips to make cleaning your air fryer an easy task.

First, you need to disassemble your appliance. This includes the tray, racks, and baskets.

Then, clean your pan. You can soak it in water and liquid soap for about 10 minutes. Find a gentle bristle brush and use it to scrape off any residue.

Next, clean the air fryer’s basket. You can do the same things you did for the pan.

Don’t forget to clean the exterior of your appliance. Use a dampened cloth and scrub your air fryer.

Also, remember to clean the coil. Food particles are likely to adhere to that part so it’s essential that you keep it clean. You can use a soft brush or a piece of facial tissue to remove food residues.


Don’t panic if you find your air fryer smelling like plastic all of a sudden. Instead, consider it as a cue for you to clean the appliance.

Of course, don’t think twice about checking your appliance for any broken or burnt parts to ensure your safety. Faulty appliances can cause fire. Also, don’t wait for your air fryer to smell like plastic before you consider cleaning it. You should do it routinely to keep your appliance working for a long time.