Does Air Frying Destroy Nutrients


Air fryers cook food in a different way than your deep fryer. With that, you may be wondering about one thing: does air frying destroy nutrients?

Probably, but not as intense as other means of cooking

During the cooking process, most foods lose their key nutrients. Whether you are grilling or boiling your meat and vegetables, you lose about 40% of their nutrients.

However, since air fryers keep the surface of your food dry and use hot air to cook, it’s able to retain most of the foods’ key nutrients. This is one good reason why a lot of people consider air frying healthier than other cooking methods, particularly deep frying.

Consider this:

In one study, experts found that boiling retained the most nutrients while frying was worse than steaming and boiling.

Grilling, on the other hand, loses your meats’ nutrients as the juices drip down the grill. To avoid that, you can grill on aluminum foil. Microwaving, meanwhile, can easily and safely maintain foods’ nutrients since it has a shorter cooking time.

Of course, proper food preparation matters, too. Make sure to wash your vegetables thoroughly to remove any chemicals and pesticides used on them. Don’t forget to wash your hands as well. This prevents contamination of your ingredients.