Is Air Purifier Safe for Babies


Your home’s air quality is crucial for your baby. What immediately comes to mind is the idea of using an air purifier. Is air purifier safe for babies, though?

Air purifiers are definitely safe for babies.

When it comes to filtering out irritants and allergens, air purifiers are reliable. This function helps kids with respiratory issues to breathe better. It can also be a preventive measure for children with a normal respiratory system.

Choose the right kind of air purifier.

Responsible parents like you should only settle for air purifiers with a HEPA filter and activated carbon. The HEPA filter is made of nontoxic materials like fiberglass and paper while the activated carbon focuses on filtering out irritants coming from chemicals. A lot of household cleaning products use chemicals, so don’t take activated carbon for granted.

As a plus, air purifiers with odor neutralizers are a must-have as well. This type of device can eliminate the foul smell from dirty diapers.

In Conclusion

Is air purifier safe for babies?

Yes, this device is definitely safe for infants and toddlers. It can keep their room clean from pollutants, allergens, and chemical irritants. Just make sure to pick air purifiers with a HEPA filter and activated carbon.