Andis AGC Super Professional Animal Clipper Review



While a lot of companies are introducing products for human facial hair and how to trim them up what about the pet animals? Obviously there hair grow out too and if they need proper food and bath then every now and then they also need a hair trim so that their hair do not fall on their faces or cause hygienic problems.

It was when Andis created this new Andis animal clipper with locking blade that allows you to clip your pet’s hair like a professional. It has been designed in a specific manner that will ensure that you never cut yourself or your pet every time you decide to give it a trim. Awarded a staggering 4.5 stars out 5 by over 700 customers online, you can easily judge the popularity of the product among the masses.

Features and Specifications

The trimmer is equipped with a high speed motor that allows greater efficiency as well as speed. The unit is a rotary motor that rotates powerfully cutting 3400 to 4400 strokes in a minute.

Through this feature the trimmer not only cuts your pets hair and gives it a nice trim in no time but also ensures that you also get done with this work as fast as you can. Due to the rotating power unit it gets hot too on prolonged usage and you will have to make sure that you either user a cooling spray or you do not use it for long hours.

The rotators power motor is a powerful motor that ensures to work efficiently and quickly and will end up saving loads of your time.

  • Blade Guide

    While using the Andis animal clipper you can use the Ultra Edge blade or the Ceramic Edge blade depending on your choice. This means that you will not have to work with a specific kind of blades and you can alder between the blade options that you have.

    It also means that you can adjust the kind of blade with the type of breed that you have. For instance if you have large dogs then you can use these ultraedge blades and easily get them a trim but if you have small dogs that don’t require much trimming then using a simple blade will also suffice.

    Through this feature you can adjust the blades on your hair trimmer easily according to your animal breed. With these powerful blades you will not need to go back again and again to trim a specific part one stroke works just fine.

  • Low on Maintenance and other Additional Features

    The blades are low on maintenance and rarely require any oiling or greasing like most other trimmers would do. It is also to be noted that these blades have a special lock on feature that helps to secure these blades in their place ensuring no harm to your animal.

    They have a 14 feet long electric cord that you can easily use with your animals. Pets can be very anxious when trying to give them a trim and hence it is very important to have a cordless trimmer or a trimmer that supports a large cord that will ensure proper trimming. Another great feature is that the trimmer is silent and does not produce any of that rumbling noise that other trimmers do in the market.

    Through this way you can ensure that your trimmers stay noise free and help you in achieving a relaxing experience of trimming your pet’s hair. It is so fast and noise free that you can even trim your dog’s hair while it is sleeping.


  • High speed
  • Rotary motor
  • Adjustable blades
  • Lock down blades
  • Cheap
  • Silent
  • 14 feet long cord
  • 1 year warranty


  • Gets hot
  • The blades aren’t suitable for small breeds

Who Should Buy

If you own a pet animal and you are concerned about its hygiene and hair growth then you will need to give it a hair cut every now and then. Just like you have to give your airs a trim to ensure proper growth and outlook this hair trimmer is also the same except for the fact that it is used for animals.

With its powerful rotator motor you get to be done with the hair trim in no time and with little fuss. A large 14 feet long cord ensures that you get to be done with the hair trimming of your animal in no time.


With the advent of many beard trimmers in the market today, this one is no exception. Initially there were only trimmers for human facial hair but not for pets or animal’s hair. This one is not only equipped with a rotator motor but also sharp locked down blades that ensure you that you get a quick and fine result in the end.

With it being inexpensive it gets easier for you to buy it for your pet along with its food and shampoo and it wouldn’t create a dent in your pocket.