Andis Professional 1875 Watt Ceramic Ionic – Black Chrome (82005) Hair Dryer Review



Let’s get one thing straight right from the start. If you’re going to complain about the list price or the discounted offer price, then know that this is a PROFESSIONAL hair dryer and not just a device to get rid of the water and dampness in your hair as they are the functions of a regular hair dryer.

The Andis Professional Hair Dryer comes with three different styling add-on accessories alone. Apart from that is the sleek body design which only makes for stunning visuals, but also improves overall airflow and intensity. This review will discuss the different features the Andis Professional Hair Dryer has to offer and whether this device is well suited for you or out of your league.

Important Features and Specs

Balanced Heating Using Ceramic Technology. The Andis Professional Hair Dryer employs an evenly heating ceramic plate. Even heating ensures that your hair receives a balanced jet of hot air which not only is much healthier in comparison to the way traditional hair dryers operate but also ensure faster drying.

This function can be understood better if we take a basic scientific approach to it. When air passes through ceramic plates, not only is it heated, but it is also charged with ions which cause the air to break the water on your hair into a thousand particles rather than evaporating it directly. So instead of you ending up with dried hair, the water is actually sealed within your hair, which is also known as ‘retained moisture’. Only the excess water is evaporated. This process saves the natural substances such as secreted oils to not be lost so you count on a healthier shine as well.

Ionizer Technology. With the addition of ions to the jet stream of air, your hair is made free of static electricity, which reduces frizz and makes styling and further setting easier. If you’re worried about taking a bolt of negative energy to your hair, then know that the ionizer technology is based on natural mineral plates rather than electronic spark systems. The air is simply passed through these mineral plates to be charged with ions.

4 different Operating Modes. The Andis Professional Hair Dryer offers you a combination of 4 different operating modes. These are basically a combination of two speed settings and two heat settings, namely hot and warm, high and low. Of course, many hair dryers come with three heat settings with medium as the addition but you won’t miss that mode when you use this dryer as you can strike an optimal balance between the four combinations.

Cool Shot. Apart from the 4 different standard operating combinations, the Andis Professional Hair Dryer has a cool shot feature. Stylists know when the cool shot button is needed and its use is seen as an exception rather than the rule. Nonetheless, it has been placed directly beneath where your index finger would grip the handle so you can easily keep it pressed and as well as release it when done.

Three Different Add-On Accessories. The Andis Professional Hair Dryer comes with three specialist add-ons for you to choose from. One is a comb like resin pick. The rest of the two are a resin and metal concentrator. If you know how to use these then you’ll find yourself creating complex styles in no time.

Powerful But Quiet AC Motor. The Andis Professional Hair Dryer comes with a heavy duty motor which provides quite some power considering a maximum wattage of 1875. Apart from that it has a long 10ft. Cord which is made of materials which are able to withstand the high voltage operation and ensure a long running life. To top things up we have an ALCI shock proof plug connecting the device to the main power.


  • Balanced heat dissipation via ceramic plates
  • Ionizer technology
  • Three different add-ons for expert styling
  • Durable build with strong motor and wiring
  • 4 different operating modes
  • Fast drying times
  • Exceptional pricing for the features and model


  • Switches are placed in a way that they can be accidentally pressed
  • Bulky design takes some getting used for amateurs
  • Metal attachments are prone to heating up

Who Should Buy

The stylists, the Andis Professional Hair Dryer is for you. You can go buy this device with your eyes closed. Andis has looked over every aspect of its use of a heavy duty point of view. Be it a powerful motor, a strong cord or a number of attachments to choose from; they’ve got you covered. The price might appear high if you buy this dryer for simple ‘drying’ your hair, but then again its quick drying times make it a viable option for personal use as well.


The Andis Professional Hair Dryer is one of those dryers which barely have any setbacks. The attachments are made of high quality materials rather than plastic, etc. The overall build is way above average. On the whole this device can work wonders in the hands of a master. But if you are a newbie then not to worry, this device can withstand a certain amount of misuse by which time you will have learned the tips and tricks to it.