APEC – Top Tier – Built in USA – Ultra Safe, Premium 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System (ROES-50) Review



ROES-50 is a top tier RO drinking water filtration system from APEC that is installed with 100% in-built U.S. machine, which guarantees water safety. The system provides you with an ideal technology for eliminating up to 99% of water contaminants, such as virus, bacteria, heavy metals, fluoride, lead, chlorine and arsenic. The unit is incorporated with premium heavy duty filters that are used to filter tap water and well water; thus providing you with limitless fresher, great-tasting water. This unit is equipped with 100% lead free chrome faucet; in addition to NSF and FDA certified JG food grade tubing that provides clean, safe and uncontaminated water.

Important Features and Specs

The system provides limitless, fresh, great-tasting drinking and cooking water. The unit is highly economical, since it provides you with the most ideal alternative to bottled water. The system’s reverse osmosis is designed to provide you with high quality, filtered as well as purified water. Unlike other water filter system in the market, this particular model guarantees the reduction of up to 99% of all water contaminants, including chromium, lead, arsenic, toxic fluoride, and chlorine odor and taste.

The productiveness of the reverse osmosis is what you need to guarantee yourself continuous supply of clean, uncontaminated water. The system is installed with NSF certified membrane to get rid of a large number of contaminants in water. The unit is a genuine USA based-professional technical support water filter system. This water filter unit is integrated with complete five-stage system, which is designed from high-caliber gears to provide you with conveniently high impurity rejection rates.

The first stage is made up of sediment 10-inch 5-micron filter that removes rust, particles and dust; and it also guards and prolongs the life of the unit’s membrane. The second stage is composed of 10-inch 10-micron filter that is engineered to eliminate cloudiness, colors, and unpleasant chlorine odors and tastes; in addition, this stage gets rid of chemicals and VOCs from your water.

The third stage is characterized by carbon block 10-inch 10-micron filter with the ability of removing colors, cloudiness, unpleasant chlorine odors and tastes, and it also gets rid of chemicals and VOCs. The fourth stage is defined by high rejection TFC RO membrane that gets rid of a large number of water contaminants, such as radium, lead, arsenic, fluoride and chromium. The fifth stage is made up of coconut shell refining 10-inch carbon filter, which eliminates any remaining residuals.

The system measures 16 by 5.2 by 17.5 inches and it weigh 26 pounds, making it compact and easy to install. The system five stages are made of the following: 5-micron 10-inch sediment removal filter, 10-micron 10-inch carbon block filter, high-rejection TFC RO membrane, and 10-inch coconut shell refining carbon filter.

The system has a capacity of fifty gallons per every twenty four hours at 60 psi and thirty gallons per every twenty four hours at 50 psi. The system has a maximum feed water pH of 11.0 and a minimum feed water pH of 4.0. Its maximum feed water pressure is 90 psi and minimum feed water pressure is 40 psi. The unit has a feed water temperature range of 40°F to 120°F.


  • The system provides you with high water contaminants rejection at a conveniently affordable price. The unit is installed with a membrane that is NSF certified, which is designed to get rid of a wide range of contaminants.
  • The system is easy to maintain and the most ideal unit for do-it-yourself installation; as far as installation is concerned, the installation process is easy and it only take less than an hour.
  • The system provides you with superior taste along with limitless refreshing water. The filtered water has natural and healthier taste, just like the taste of bottled water.


  • If you do not follow the step-by-step installation instruction carefully, the system may leak after a few rounds of use.

Who Should Buy

This is the right system to buy if you are after a unit that can provide you with the following: premium quality parts; high rejection of water contaminants; easy as well as simple DIY installation and maintenance; A++ high quality assurance; and superior tastes and limitless refreshing water supply. This is the only water filter system in the market that has an industrial standard design, which is highly resourceful and versatile.


ROES-50 makes premium high quality water right from your tap water. Apart from getting rid of water contaminants and hardness; the filtered water does normally have a mix of useful minerals and balanced pH levels. This is a multipurpose professional water filter system for your house. The system is user friendly, and it is designed to be installed and used by people of different experience levels.

Therefore, you do not necessarily need a plumber to do for you the installation. With that said, ROES-50 is what you need to ensure that your family’s drinking and cooking water is cleaner, fresher and healthier.