How to Apply Concealer for Dark Circles


Concealers are really handy in hiding dark spots and blemishes. With the right technique, they can also minimize the appearance of dark under eyes. In this article, we’ll share with you the best tips on how to apply concealer for dark circles.

Start by drawing your guidelines

One common mistake people do is to create a half-moon shape beneath the eyes with their concealer. What this does is draw more attention to the area as it acts as a highlight.

Instead, draw 2 sides of an inverted triangle. Just do the sides and don’t connect the lines or fill the triangle up. Doing that will only make your undereye areas look heavier and cakey.

Blend, dab, and roll

With either a damp sponge or a small concealer brush, blend the concealer inwards. Do it until the triangle looks seamless on your skin.


With a translucent powder, set your concealer in place. Softly sweep the product over your undereye area until thoroughly blended. Don’t go too heavy with the concealer to avoid emphasizing your problem areas.

If you want more coverage, apply the right shade of foundation over your concealer and before you apply your translucent powder. If you want a more natural finish, choose a BB cream over foundation.