How Often to Apply Face Mask


Since face masks are proven to be effective for skin nourishment, does it mean that you should use one every single day? Find out how often to apply face mask without harming your skin.

According to Florida Academy, the answer depends on your skin type as well as the weather or season. There are actually several factors to think about. To make it easier for you, we’re presenting this list:

  • Once a week = hydrating mask on dry skin; clay or seaweed mask during summer
  • Twice a week = anti-aging mask on mature skin
  • Three times a week = clay mask on oily skin
  • Unlimited use = moisturizing mask during winter

We know the list doesn’t include other types of face masks, but you get the gist. It’s still your responsibility to know what your skin really needs every season.

In Conclusion

Your skin is your responsibility, so you should be aware of how often to apply face mask. Simply consider your skin type as well as the current season you’re in.

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