How to Apply Neck Cream


Can’t wait to try neck cream for the first time? Before you start smearing cream all over your neck, you might do it the wrong way and miss out on the product’s benefits. Stay with us as we reveal tips on how to apply neck cream.

According to Elle, proper application isn’t just about covering your neck with cream. It requires a more thorough process. Allow us to prove it to you with the following tips:

  • Don’t be stingy with the amount of neck cream you’re going to apply. The layer should be thick enough to totally coat your skin.
  • Once you have the cream on one palm, rub it on the other to produce friction. The neck cream is more effective when it’s warmer.
  • Don’t just glide your palms along your neck. You should dab the cream with a little bit of pressure.
  • Start from your neck until you reach the décolleté. That may include your shoulders and cleavage (imagine wearing a top with a low neckline).
  • As you move down to your décolleté, try your best not to press your palms downward. The proper technique is to constantly lift the skin with your palms while gently massaging your neck.

In Conclusion

Now that you know how to apply neck cream, you’re finally aware that it’s not similar to applying lotion. It’s all about gently massaging your neck without moving your palms back and forth.