How to Apply Pomade


Both men and women can use the traditional hair styling product called pomade. However, some people are unsure how to use it. Should you put a small amount on your hair or be more generous about it? Before application, does your hair have to be damp? Don’t worry for we have all the answers on how to apply pomade:

How to Choose Pomade

First, you should be aware of each pomade type. If you aren’t sure of your options, you might end up choosing the wrong kind of product for your hair type. Wasting money on something is regretful, so let’s avoid this by knowing some essential factors to consider when choosing a pomade brand:

  • Water-Based vs. Oil-Based

    Pomades that are water-based have become more popular in this generation. However, oil-based ones actually dominate the hair styling scene when you look at the big picture. They have been existing for a really long time already.

    When it comes to the pros and cons, let’s start with water-based pomades. Since this type is not as strong as oil-based pomades, it is perfect for people who want to restyle their hair whenever they want without losing the “hold.” It is also easier to wash out since it easily comes off with water. The downside? It is more expensive than oil-based pomades.

    On the other hand, the oil-based type is definitely more budget-friendly for people who apply pomade every day. It makes the hair shinier for a tidier look. It also has a stronger effect so that no matter what you do, your hair will still look neat. Regarding the disadvantages, it is so hard to wash out – even with shampoo! So, when you prefer oil-based pomade, you should also purchase a shampoo that is formulated to remove grease. However, this contributes to another downside because this kind of shampoo can remove natural oils from the hair. The result is frizzy hair without the pomade.

  • Finish

    Pomades are not only classified by their base. They also have types based on how shiny the effect is. The choices are sheen, matte, and combination.

    Sheen pomade is obviously the one that gives the most shine. It is perfect to make dry hair look healthier. Meanwhile, matte pomade is the complete opposite. It has an unnoticeable shine, letting greasy hair do all the work.

    The greatest thing about sheen and matte pomades is their versatile consistency. You can actually mix them together if you are unsure about your hair type.

  • Strength

    Some pomades are marketed based on how strong their hold is. We have the light, medium and strong levels. Light pomade is ideal for beginners. If you are still practicing hairstyles, it makes the process easier since you can quickly change the look. It has a slight hold for a tidy look, but your hair will still be soft.

    Thick hair should go with medium and strong pomades. However – again – if you are uncertain about your hair type, buy tiny jars of each strength available. Apply all of them on different parts of your hair and compare the results.

Applying Pomade: A Step-By-Step Guide

Finally, let’s learn how to apply pomade:

  • Shower first

    Pomade’s effectiveness is not actually connected with damp hair. Instead, it works with clean hair. That is why you need to wash your hair first before application. To make things easier, apply pomade after you shower. Make sure to use a shampoo during your bath. If you choose to use pomade in the middle of the day, you would have a hard time keeping your body dry while washing your hair.

  • Dry your hair a little bit

    It is clumsy to apply pomade on dripping wet hair. What you should do is towel dry your hair for a couple of minutes. Damp hair is best for pomade so it will easily absorb the substance. And the best part? Once your hair completely dries, it will look flawless.

  • Only use a small amount

    At first, only put a small amount of pomade on your fingertips. It may not be enough, yes, but you are definitely free to put more in small amounts as you continue. Styling is a process, so do not go rowdy on your hair by putting more pomade just to apply it once. To ensure that you will not use a lot of pomade in just one day, rub your fingertips together before application so you will have more coverage with just one tiny amount.

    By the way, some pomades can get extremely hard when stored for hours. The easiest way to soften a hard pomade is by blow drying it with a hair dryer.

  • Do not miss a spot

    Feel free to get rough with your hair when you apply the pomade. This guarantees that all roots and tips have the mixture. People with short hair will have an easier time with this for they can just rub the pomade all over. For long-haired people, however, they need to start from the roots to the tips by layering and pulling each section.

    Some short-haired people actually like to have spiky hair or sharper tips. What they need to do instead is to apply pomade only on the topmost part of their hair.

    Just a heads-up, avoid your scalp when you apply pomade. Putting pomade on the scalp is actually a factor why the effect is oily, not the right kind of shiny. It also interrupts the production of natural oils.

How to Style with Pomade

There are basic styles available for both short- and long-haired people. The following are only some of the simplest hairstyles you can do with pomade:

  • Short Hair

    Three of the all-time favorite looks that rely heavily on pomade are slick-back, messy, and spiked. The slick-back hairstyle is ideal for that typical gentleman look. It can also be for women with really short hair if they want to have a more powerful femme fatale look.

    Meanwhile, the messy hairstyle is the most popular casual look. Funnily enough, people actually make a fuss over that since there are a lot of hairstyles only focusing on the ultimate messy look.

    Lastly, spiked hair is best for younger men. It is another common casual look. It can also be styled for women who want to be edgier.

  • Long Hair

    Pomade is ideal for long-haired people who want to make a tidier bun or ponytail. Their common pet peeve is bulging hair as well as excess strands on the side. With pomade, the problem is fixed in just a snap. Pomade is also effective in concealing split ends and taming frizzy hair.


When you teach yourself how to apply a pomade, styling your hair becomes easier. Bonus knowledge such as factors in choosing the right brand is also useful. After all, there are variations in the market to meet different expectations based on hair type and needs.