Aprilaire 700 Whole House Humidifier w/ Automatic Digital Control, .75 Gallons/hr Review



Whole house humidifiers can be a lot more practical for bigger houses instead of getting single room units for each room. The Aprilaire 700 has a great output capacity suitable for houses up to 2400 square feet. It offers advanced features such as digital control and relative humidity indicators.

It is more than double the price of standard single room humidifiers and above the standard cost of popular whole house units. But is it worth the extra money? In this review, we will look at each feature that is not commonly found in most humidifiers and how efficient it is to help you decide if it is the right model for your house.

Important Features and Specs

In terms of performance, the Aprilaire 700 outdoes its competitors; delivering 50% more moisture than most whole house humidifiers. It can cover up to 2400 square feet for tightly constructed homes.

This helps soothe health issues caused by dry, stale air such as cold, cough, and dry skin. It has an evaporation rate of (.75) gallons per hour which is a lot compared even to other expensive models.

It is compact, though it requires basic installation. If you’re buying for a new house, you can ask your contractor to install the unit or simply follow the owner’s manual. The design is very standard; in white box that will go with any home interior.

You will not have a problem with the unit being seen by guests. Just cut an opening in the duct. It is lightweight, with dimensions of 16 x 11 x 18 inches, Width, Depth, and Height and weighs less than 20 pounds.

The automatic digital control helps you achieve consistent humidity levels in your home. When you set the machine to a certain moisture level on a particular weather or season, it will automatically adjust in the future. You only have to set it up once.

But you can use the manual setting anytime to adjust it according to your preferences. Furthermore, as part of the automatic feature, the unit adjusts the humidity in your home based on outside temperature. And it runs only when needed, saving you on energy costs.

It requires minimal maintenance; the filter only needs to be replaced at least once a year. Make sure to wash the filter’s inner housing before putting the new one. It is also very quiet so you don’t have to worry about any annoying noise in the middle of the night. If you gave babies at home, you can be sure they will sleep soundly and breathe easy.

Another advantage of this whole house humidifier is it also helps lengthen the life of your furniture. Since it humidifies the entire house, your upholstery will have protection from dry air; same goes for wood and other furniture. The product comes with a five year warranty on parts; service not included.


  • Very easy to install
  • Easy to use; instructions are easy to follow
  • Offers manual and digital automatic control
  • Quiet
  • Compact
  • Low maintenance
  • Low installation cost


  • More expensive than most whole house humidifiers
  • Some owners have reported problems when unit was installed with a heating system; to avoid any technical problems that other home facilities may cause, make sure to check with your contractor or ask the store for recommendations

Who Should Buy

The Aprilaire 700 is ideal for bigger sized homes and can cover up to 2400 square feet for tightly constructed houses. If you’re not on a budget, this is a good investment for long term use.

The price is a little above standard whole house units but it is low on maintenance and offers lots of useful automatic features like the auto adjustment based on outside temperature, so it makes up for the extra cost. Installation is also costs efficient.

This is great for those who live with kids or babies because it doesn’t make much noise. If you live in an apartment, it might be more practical to get a single room unit with a bigger capacity, also if only one part of the house is more oftentimes used.


The Aprilaire 700 Whole House Humidifier w/ Automatic Digital Control, .75 Gallons/hr is a great investment for your home that offers lots of health benefits and also adds protection for your furniture. This whole house humidifier helps in soothing irritation caused by dry, stale air.

It helps ease breathing especially when you or your kids have cough, cold, or allergies. The automatic features will save you a lot of trouble adjusting the humidity every now and again, but you can always use the manual settings when necessary.