Aquaversa MP750SB Carbon Block Under-Sink Water Filter Review



Aquaversa MP750SB is used to clean and treat every gallon of your drinking water. This filter removes sediment from water, and improves the taste, odor and color of your water. Water contaminants are removed effectively. This water filter system is highly versatile and resourceful, since you can conveniently do some modifications on it, and it will work just fine. The system is user-friendly, you can easily install it, and all you need to do is follow simple step-by-step instructions from the user manual. The unit is NSF/ ANSI certified to standard 42 & 53; in addition, it is certified by the State of California.

Important Features and Specs

Aquaversa MP750SB is a uniquely designed under-sink water filter system designed to provide you with cleaner, fresher, healthier water. The system is tested as well as certified to get rid of a great number of water contaminants.

The system installation is simple, and the filter is normally installed on the cabinet wall by use of a bracket. Unlike most system, this one has its own chrome-designer faucet; the faucet is mounted directly on the sink. The system is highly resourceful and versatile; this is so since you can conveniently connect it to an icemaker by utilizing an icemaker tee. The system can effectively be transformed in to a countertop unit with a purchasing of a conversion kit.

The system uses a solid carbon block filter to reduce all the possible water contaminants. The carbon is usually condensed into a holes structure, in order to ensure that each and every water molecule is forced to go through infinitesimal pores of the carbon design.

The system is highly reliable and it has a long life span, you can actually use it to filter your water for up to twelve months. There is no guesswork filter replacement as far as this system is concerned. You are advised to change the filter under the following circumstances: if the filter has lasted for a year; if the filter rated capacity has been exhausted; and when the system’s filter is saturated with poor tastes and odor.

Aquaversa MP750SB weighs 8.9 pounds, and it measures 16.54 by 11.5 by 8.1 inches, making it ultra portable and easy to fit under sink. The unit uses a solid carbon filter, and its capacity is 750 gallons. The unit is NSF/ ANSI certified to standard 42 & 53; in addition, the system is certified by the State of California.


  • The system is certified and tested to minimize a great number of water contaminants; therefore, providing you with cleaner, fresher, healthier as well as delicious water.
  • The unit makes use of its own chrome-designer faucet; you can conveniently mount the faucet directly on your sink. The system design is compact; hence it will consume little space under sink.
  • The system uses solid carbon block filter to reduce all possible water contaminants; the carbon filter is compressed into a dens design; thus forcing all water molecules to go through the carbon’s microscopic pores.
  • This water filter system is installed with a filter that does not require guesswork replacement; you are only expected to initiate a replacement under the following circumstances: if the filter has lasted for a year, when the system water flow reduces, and when the filter’s rated capacity is exhausted.


  • This is not the most ideal choice in the event that you are dealing with water softener. The system may make your water softener produce an odd and salty taste.

Who Should Buy

This is the most ideal water filter system for reducing industrial solvents and herbicides from getting into your drinking water. This system should be your alternative for purchasing simple systems that may get screwed on your tap. This system will not provide you with guesswork performance; instead it will produce high quality water for you and your family.

The system is not clumsy as far as usage is concerned. You do not need to conduct extremely serious searches, since Aquaversa MP750SB is a multipurpose, multi-pure under sink water filter system. Regardless of your experience level with water filter system, you will be impressed by the design of this system, and you will also appreciate how easy and convenient it is to replace the filter.


Aquaversa MP750SB is trusted for purity as well as convenience. You and your family should not take for granted the contaminants found in water. You will most definitely give high rates to this product after experiencing how resourceful it is. This system will not fail any time soon, and you will not have to incur repair costs every now and then.

As far as this system is concerned, you are presented with a good number of features that are tailored towards providing you with cleaner, fresher, healthier drinking water. The unit’s filter will serve you for a year before making any replacements; therefore, this makes the system economical apart from being resourceful and versatile.