Are Breast Pumps Covered By Insurance Company


Many times a breast pumps become a necessity. Due to the growing demands and increasing prices, everything costs so much that now starting or extending a family hangs like a big question mark over the heads of family members. As there are many costs to look upon for the young one, like its health, like its clothing and everything else. In such a case if a mother requires a breast pump to feed, then now you can get a health insurance cover the breast pump costs for you too.

However you will have to find out about your health insurance policies to see if this offer is valid for your package.

Health Care Law

The new health care now states that all insurance companies are supposed to provide insurance plans and cover the costs of breast pumping devices for all pregnant and nursing mothers. This is good news for all of you out there.

So if you have a health insurance and you need a breast pump to provide natures best give to your child but you are hesitating due to the costs, don’t back down any more. The health care law now postulates and commands all health insurance policies to provide breast feeding equipment as well as counseling.

Breast Pump Covering Plans

Each health insurance company has separate packages, and each package has separate policies. You certainly cannot anticipate those whilst sitting at home. So go out to your insurance provider and know what they can do for you.

Probably they can cover the entire costs for you. See if there policy includes electrical pumps or manual pumps. If you want to rent a pump for a few days or months, lets say you are going out of town for a while for some conference or vacation and you want to take your baby with you but instead of breast feeding him or her you are planning to nurse him your milk extracted through pump. In such a case you don’t need to buy a breast pump, but rent it.

See if your health insurance provider deals with renting pumps as well as purchasing pumps. Also find out when does your health insurance dealer provides you the pump. Either before the delivery or after he delivery so that you can make proper adjustments. It is important to visit your insurance company and see what it has in store for you and weigh all of your options.

Keep Your Doctor in Charge

Whenever you are taking a decision regarding your health and if you are a booked patient then you will need to keep your doctor well informed about every step. Whether you want to start a treatment or consult someone else always keep your doctor in confidence. Likewise if you have difficulty in feeding your child, or a mother of premature baby, or have a history of previous breast surgeries then you are a viable candidate for breast pumps and your doctor will encourage you to nurse your child like that.

Many times insurance companies need doctor’s certification that he is in fact confident about it and then only will be issued with your product certificate. So always talk to your consultant about the options that you are considering and keep him well informed.

Payment Details

Again you need to check out your insurance company provider to check for the options it gives for pregnant women and new moms for such deals. Some insurance providers pay complete money for your product while some will pay half or a certain percentage of its total cost and you will have to pay the rest.

You also will need to check what dealers and retail shops do your insurance company deals with. So when you go to your insurance provider you will get a list for in network retailers. This means that your insurance company only deals with certain markets and dealers only and you will need to know them. So if any of the listed stores are near your home you should go there and check the products.

Sometimes the payment transaction is made between the insurance company and the dealer and you only have to go and get your product. Other times you have to pay for the product and get a reimbursement later on.

So in a nutshell, now you don’t have to worry about your expenditures, at least the ones that are related to your health and well being as most of them are covered by your local insurance suppliers, provided that you are insured. According to the health care law you are a viable candidate for breast pumps if your doctor says so. Then pay according to your insurance policy, or not pay at all. It all depends on which package you are on to.

Whether you have got to buy a manual one or an electric, on full term purchase or part time rental, all costs will be covered either completely or partially by your insurance company. So don’t forget to visit them and see what they have in store for you.

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