Are Drill Bits Universal


Not everybody has the time, money, and patience for buying different kinds of drill bits. However, you might be missing out on something. Let’s find out – are drill bits universal?

Some Drill Bits Are Universal

Just like any other universal tool, you can’t just assume that a certain drill bit can be used for various things.

Universal drill bits are separated from other types. They’re great for wood, concrete, and other similar materials.

This type of drill bit can even improve your organization. You don’t have to sort a lot of bits anymore.

You should know, however, that universal drill bits are more expensive. They also require proper storage and maintenance if you only have a few pieces.

Universal Drill Bits Are Not Ideal for Glass and Ceramic

Here’s another disadvantage. If you need to drill a ceramic or glass surface, you really have to look for specific bits. Universal drill bits aren’t ideal for fragile materials, according to HowStuffWorks.

That’s why we recommend buying universal drill bits as well as other special types. Don’t worry about the price; a few pieces will do as long as you store them properly.

Besides, there are affordable drill bit sets out there. You just have to look carefully.

In Conclusion

Are drill bits universal?

Not all drill bits are universal. There’s a specific type for this purpose. Universal drill bits can penetrate almost any surface except glass and ceramic.

For additional knowledge about drill bits, find out how to sharpen them and determine their sizes.