Are Electric Breast Pumps Better than Manual


Electric products are generally better than devices controlled manually. So, it’s only natural to get curious about the electric version of traditional breast pumps. Are electric breast pumps better than manual ones?

Electric breast pumps are faster than manual ones

If you’d be away from your baby most of the time due to work, you should buy an electric breast pump. This type is much more efficient than the manual version, even more so with two breast shields. We’re talking about double electric breast pumps.

You should know, however, that electric breast pumps can be uncomfortable.

There’s a way to avoid that, though. You just have to choose an electric pump that can imitate the pressure and timing of natural breastfeeding.

Electric breast pumps are less convenient for travel

Unfortunately, electric breast pumps fall short on portability. Sure, they can be lightweight, but their components usually need a separate bag.

Since a typical hand pump doesn’t need extra components, you may directly put it in your bag.

As a plus, manual breast pumps are quieter than electric ones. And, the best part, you don’t have to think about batteries or electrical outlets anymore.

In Conclusion

Are electric breast pumps better than manual versions?

Again, electric breast pumps are more ideal when it comes to efficiency. However, they can be a hassle for travel if you don’t like to bring an extra bag.