When Do Babies Feed Themselves with a Spoon


Gradual independence is a satisfying thing to witness as you raise a child. Simple milestones like using a spoon for the first time can already put a smile on your face. Since you’re looking forward to it, let’s find out – when do babies feed themselves with a spoon?

According to BabyCenter, babies usually get interested to use a spoon when they reach 13 months. However, skill-wise, they will start practicing with both utensils at their 17th or 18th month.

The real deal is when your child becomes four years old. He is expected to start using utensils properly, just like an adult. But, keep an eye out for clumsy moves so you can teach your kid the right thing.

Additionally, once you notice that your child is good with utensils, casually teach him about table manners. See how involved you must be when your baby starts to learn new stuff? That’s part of the bonding experience.

In Conclusion

When do babies feed themselves with a spoon?

By 13 months, your baby will finally be interested to use his own spoon. However, his skill with utensils will begin to develop later on when he reaches 17 or 18 months. Expect your child to hold spoon and fork like an adult when he turns four years old.

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