Should Babies Wear Mittens to Bed


Mittens are great in making sure your baby doesn’t end up with scratches on her face. However, as with everything that concerns your baby, you have to make sure that letting her wear a pair of it overnight is good. So, should babies wear mittens to bed?

It depends on your baby and your preference

The answer to that question is conflicting. Other experts believe that soft mittens can help prevent babies from scratching their faces while asleep. Some healthcare professionals, however, believe that babies need to use their hands freely, particularly for developmental purposes. Also, they belive that babies won’t be able to cause serious damage just by scratching themselves while they are sleeping.

Now, if you are thinking twice about letting your kid wear a pair of mittens in her sleep, it’s best to trim her fingernails. Make sure that they aren’t too long that they’ll scratch her delicate skin and that they aren’t too short that you’ll her her fingers.

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