Can Baby Carriers Cause Hip Dysplasia


A baby carrier makes it easier for you to bring your infant anywhere without a stroller. However, since your baby will remain straddling for several minutes, you should be more concerned about it. Can baby carriers cause hip dysplasia?

Unfortunately, yes. But, this is only applicable to poorly designed baby carriers. Allow us to explain everything below:

Never Use Baby Carriers with a Narrow Base

The problem with a small base is it can’t support your child’s knees, according to theĀ International Hip Dysplasia Institute. If your baby’s legs are hanging freely, their weight will take its toll on the hips. In the long run, hip dysplasia will be the result.

The key here is full support on the knee joints to lessen the burden on your baby’s hips. As long as the legs are spread out, the pressure will be on the carrier’s base itself.

Choose a Baby Carrier with a Wider Base

A wide base forces the legs to spread wider, which is clearly a good thing for the hips. Even better, try adjusting the carrier until your baby‘s thighs are positioned across your torso.

Additionally, make sure that your baby’s knees are a little bit higher than his bottom. The trick here is to let your baby bend forward slightly. This way, the pressure is on the carrier’s base.

In Conclusion

Can baby carriers cause hip dysplasia?

Yes, but only if they have a narrow base. All babies deserve a wider base to keep them comfortable on the carrier. You need to make sure that your child’s knees are supported.

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