What Are The Baby Gate Safety Regulations


There are too many accidents that take place every year because of the falls from the stairs. That happens mostly when you choose a wrong gate for the safety purposes because of lack of proper research and knowledge. So in order to maximize the security of your child, it is important to properly check and buy the gate. Always keep in mind that these gates should meet the safety standards.

Things to Know

You must clearly know about following things to ensure the security of your children:

  • The baby gate should be tall enough to ensure the security; mostly it is recommended that this height should be three times higher than the baby`s height.
  • It should be made up of sturdy material like steel.
  • Slat spacing should be less than 3inches.
  • It should be installed in a proper way by following the guides of the installation.
  • If there is any walk thru gate then it should be properly shut down.
  • Latching mechanism should be simple to use.

How Baby Gates Cause Problem

Although the safety gates are used to reduce the risk of injuries of the children yet they can sometimes cause the problem if these are not chosen and adjusted properly. Here are a few reasons for damaging effects of these gates:

  • Mostly the safety gate is used to protect the child, but when we buy a wrong product or install it imperfectly then it causes the problems.
  • The design of the gate also matters a lot and it can also damage the child.
  • Mostly the V-shaped design of the gates are not recommended as it causes the more serious problems. It can lead a child towards death. Mostly the child faces the injuries when his head get trapped in these spaces. That usually happens when he wants to pass this space during crawling.
  • The slat spacing is another major issue if the slats are too wide then it will be dangerous for child. The child will be more prone to the dangers then.
  • Similarly, if a gate is not manufactured according to the safety standards of the JPMA then it can also lead towards the problem.
  • The gates with poor quality bolts and nuts can also cause the problem, as they will make the gate less reliable. It will be not able to bear the burden and fall down.

What You Should Know Before Buying A Gate

Here are the few things that you must know and check before buying these safety gates:

  • First of all check the label of European standard EN 1930:2011 to confirm the safety of the child. The gates with the label of this standard are specially designed for the children under the age of 24 months.
  • It is better to avoid the pressure mounted gate at the top of the stairs as these gates require the pressure. These can cause the fallings of the children from the top of the stairs because they do not have any bolts to adjust. These are not fixed in the walls properly so it is better to avoid them.
  • It is better to adjust a gate at the top of stairs with bolts and screws. For that purpose, it is ideal to use the hardware mounted safety gates at the top of the stairs in order to make that portion safe.
  • If you are fixing a gate then make sure that there should be no space left between the floor and the gate. That will also cause the trapping of the children in this space. So it is ideal to fix the gate by reading and following the instructions of the installation.
  • The vertical slats should be less than 3 inches and it is ideal to avoid the horizontal slats as they will allow the children to climb over the gate.

Safety Precautions

You must consider following safety precautions in order to protect your child:

  • Once you have adjusted the gate then check the sharp edges and the corners of the gates after opening and closing.
  • A pressure mounted gate should be used in doorways and it is ideal to use the wall mounted safety gates at the top of the stairs.
  • Make sure that the gate is closed when your child is at home.
  • Make a habit of closing the gate every time you open it.
  • Always check the locking system of the gate and properly close it.
  • Make sure that the gate is still adjusted properly or not. Tightens the bolts if there is a need of it.
  • If the gate has been damaged after a long usage then immediately stop using it. It is ideal to buy a new gate rather repair it.
  • When your child reaches an age of 2 years then stop using these gates as they can cause the more serious problems. Because the child will make an attempt to climb over the gate and it may cause the injuries.


The safety of your child comes first so it is very important to make sure that the baby gate you are going to buy is safe for the child and also for pets.

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