Can A Baby Sleep With A Pacifier All Night


Getting your baby to settle down and fall asleep can sometimes feel like a battle. No matter how much effort you put into swaying, singing or shushing, you just can’t make her fall asleep.

With that, you’re probably wondering if you should give your baby his pacifier before you put her down to sleep. But, can you a baby sleep with a pacifier all night?

Pacifiers can be safely used for naptime and bedtime.

Pacifiers are safe to use for both bedtime and naptime. In fact, it can greatly reduce a baby’s risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

However, you need to be really careful in picking the right pacifier for your baby. You need to pick one based on your baby’s age to make sure that it’ll fit properly. Additionally, choose a BPA-free pacifier.

Additionally, you should choose a pacifier that has been molded and made from a single piece of plastic. This is to make sure that there’ll be no parts popping off.

Never force your baby to take his pacifier.

Gently offer the pacifier a couple of times to help your baby get used to it. If your baby doesn’t want it, consider other ways of helping your child ease into dreamland. You can consider dimming the lights, adjusting the room’s temperature to a more comfortable temperature or changing his diapers before you set him to bed.

In Conclusion

Can a baby sleep with a pacifier all night?

The answer is yes- as long as you choose the right one. If you are worried about leaving your baby with a pacifier, you can place a baby monitor in the nursery. Here’s a quick guide to help you out with proper placement.

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