How to Get Baby to Use Pacifier


You’ve heard about the benefits of pacifiers and you couldn’t wait to buy one for your child. However, it is very possible that your baby might not like it at first. That’s why we’re here to teach you how to get baby to use a pacifier.

Give the pacifier while your baby is relaxed

Regarding the right moment to introduce a pacifier, we’ve discovered some interesting information. Experts stated that you should give the soother to a calm baby, especially if it’s the first time.

If your child is fussy or crying, you would have a hard time. An upset baby won’t be interested to try something new. Also, babies tend to open their mouth while crying, hence the unlikelihood to accept the pacifier.

When it’s finally time for you to give a pacifier to your baby, simply touch his cheek with the nipple part. Your baby’s instinct will come alive and reach for the nipple, just like when you breastfeed for the first time.

Use some tricks if your baby rejects the pacifier

Fortunately, it is super-easy to convince your child to use a pacifier. You just have to dip the nipple in formula or breast milk. You may also skip getting the pacifier nipple wet and just warm it with your clean hands.

However, if your baby totally rejects the pacifier no matter what you do, just leave it that way. Never force your child to take it. It happens sometimes.


See how easy it is to learn how to get baby to use a pacifier? You just need to follow the correct timing. But, this is only applicable if you buy the right type of pacifier for your child.

Speaking of pacifier types, there’s a kind of soother that’s highly recommended by experts. Check out what’s so amazing about orthodontic pacifiers!