Do Baby Wipes Disinfect


A lot of products have become popular due to marketing hype. So, it’s only natural to get curious if using baby wipes is just a trend. Do baby wipes disinfect for real?

Baby wipes are enough to clean dirty surfaces

Believe it or not, baby wipes can actually eliminate a great number of germs from any surface.

According to the statement of a medical professional on Parenting, baby wipes can even remove bacteria found in poop. That’s why baby wipes are recommended for diaper changes.

However, if you’re uncomfortable with this, feel free to do a follow-up. Don’t hesitate to use a child-friendly rubbing alcohol afterward.

Carefully choose the right baby wipes for your child

If your baby has sensitive skin, be a more meticulous buyer. We recommend unscented baby wipes only. Fragrance can be irritating on your baby’s skin.

Thicker baby wipes are also ideal. This is for your convenience. When you wipe poo with a thin wipe, you’re more likely to spread it – not remove it.

Lastly, think about the container. It should promote efficiency as well as safety. Choose a pack that has a tight seal or lid to prevent contamination.

In Conclusion

Do baby wipes disinfect?

Definitely! Baby wipes are specifically formulated for that purpose. Just ensure the best kind for your child.

For more information on how to keep your baby’s surroundings clean, learn the method for disinfecting digital thermometers as well as floors with a steam mop.