Babyliss Pro BABNT5548 2000 Watt Ionic Nano Titanium with Integrated Ion Generator Hair Dryer Review



One of Babyliss’s Pro series products, the Babyliss Pro BABNT5548 comes with promises of high tech hair drying. Now, whether the device does live up to its promise or not, this review will help you decide that.

Important Features and Specs

High Powered 2000 Watt Motor. If you’ve used different hair dryers then you’ll know why power matters. Power not only determines how thoroughly your hair is dry, but also with the speed. This applies especially for long, thin hair where the process can consume a lot of time if the dryer isn’t up to the mark. A powerful motor gets the job done quick and thorough.

Surround Heat Technology. Ever heard of 3d surround sound effects? It’s a concept similar to how the Babyliss Pro BABNT5548 works. Rather than simply projecting heat in one direction or at a particular spot, this device has a custom designed funnel which allows for heat dissipation in such a way that it spreads the blowing air in an area around your hair.

The Benefits of This Technology are Twofold. The first is that your hair dries much quicker because not only is it receiving direct heat, but also being exposed to a ‘hot’ surrounding.

Second your hair is being dried in a ‘healthy’ way. How so? Let’s take traditional hair dryers for comparison. They project heat directly towards your hair. Rather than a steady uni-directional gush of air, the Babyliss Pro BABNT5548 completely converges on your hair so that it dries uniformly and doesn’t take damage from imbalanced heating. This reduces the chances of dry, rough hair and breakage.

NANO Titanium. Nano Titanium provides the surround heat and how that works was the mentioned above. Now we come over to the Ion Generator. This addition to the dryer allows the dryer to blow air, which is charged with ions. Ions are basically responsible for the static found in your hair. When positives and negatives combine; your hair will remain in a balanced state. Being positively charged; negative ions are needed to keep hair from turning into frizz. The Ion Generator provides these.

6 Mode Operation. The Babyliss Pro BABNT5548 comes with 3 heat intensity settings as well as 2 speed settings. The buttons are in the form of switches and you can simply click them into place where you get your required combination of speed and heat level.

Concentrator Add-On. The Babyliss Pro BABNT5548 comes with an optional concentrator attachment. You can use this to further intensify the heating power of the dryer. Ideal for use during styling or isolating out specific areas; e.g. when you wet your hair at one spot and need to quickly dry it.

Lightweight. It weighs just a little below 2 pounds so you don’t have to worry about your hands tiring from the weight any time soon.


  • Ion generator and Nano Titanium Technology give static free hair and surround heating which combine to drastically improve your hair drying experience
  • The powerful 2000 watt motor dries your hair faster
  • Easily removable rear motor filter. The filter is made of stainless steel and is highly durable
  • Lightweight body allows for ease of use
  • Cool shot button provides a burst of temperate air


  • Price is quite high
  • Button placement is somewhat an issue. It makes holding the dryer properly difficult because they are placed right where your fingers wrap around the handle. The switches get pressed quite often accidently
  • The add-on concentrator doesn’t lock in properly. Even if fully fastened, it can ‘pop’ out when operating the dryers at high speed.

Who Should Buy

Considering the price and the features; this device is best suited for someone with diehard brand loyalty towards Babyliss. This is being said because, considering the features, only a few people stand to benefit from this device. Those are the ones who are very demanding and consider even the slightest of factors such as surround heat, etc. Beauty parlors, saloons can purchase this device as it would help cast a good impression on customers about the store’s highly professional equipment. Many reviewers say this dryer helped them; they were the people with really stubborn and delicate hair. If you fall into that niche, then this dryer is for you.


After having gone through some of the offerings in Babyliss’s product range, one comes to the conclusion that there isn’t much difference in the product after a certain level. By this I mean that, naturally, as the price levels go up, so should the features, specs, functionality, etc.

However the ratio of features vs. price level doesn’t run side by side as the prices go up. Rather, what does go up is the number of fancy words added to the product name and the overall branding and marketing efforts. Of course, this device has received a good review score overall; the fact remains that you could go for a Babyliss Tourmaline Hair Dryer and get more for less. With a list price of close to $120 (Amazon helps you save ~$60, bring the price to $62), it wouldn’t be wise for one settle for the mere features this device has to provide.