Babylisspro TT Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer, Red Review



If you’re the vacationing type and someone who takes their hair a little more seriously than the average citizen, then look no further for a carry-along hair dryer. The Babyliss Pro TT Travel Dryer, a perfect combination of features, class and portability comes with Tourmaline Technology (that is what the ‘TT’ in the name stands for), a folding handle, far infrared technology; pretty much everything you’d expect not from a travel hair dryer but rather from a professional series hair dryer. Read on to find out what makes the Babyliss Pro TT Travel Dryer one of the top contenders in its category.

Important Features and Specs

Natural Far Infrared Rays – Tourmaline Titanium Technology
Ceramic technology, when combined with a touch of exquisite tourmaline; gives you a hair dryer with superb performance. Tourmaline, with its natural properties, causes its surroundings to be charged with negative ions. The negative ions are basically the balancing agents against static in your hair.

Tourmaline Titanium technology is basically a plate formed of crushed tourmaline along with linings of titanium. These minerals, when exposed to extreme heat and high air pressure, charge their surroundings with substances which, upon coming into contact with your hair, leave it shinier and visibly healthier.

Tourmaline is a mineral which natural releases infrared rays and is capable of generating an effect which causes internal growth of cells. When the device is used, your hair is receiving conditioned air, which is not only reducing static and frizz but is also helping the hair strands retain moisture within. All this happens naturally so you do not have to worry about facing any side effects from chemicals or electric mechanisms.

Compact Size with Incredible Portability
Coming over to portability, the Babyliss Pro TT Travel Dryer has a folding handle. An obvious feature for a travel dryer; once you fold the handle the storage space this device will require will be less than half its original size. The device’s size, even while being ready for operation, is quite small. With dimensions of only 5 and a half inches by 9 inches; you can well imagine how easy it would be to hold. Though don’t let the small size give you the wrong impression; up next on the features list are the additional technologies the Babyliss Pro TT Travel Dryer comes with to get the job done better than most traditional hair dryers.

Dual Voltage
Many a dryers on the market have been rejected for this very reason. When it comes to travelling; one can find himself in any part of the world. Herein lies the problem. The national grids in different countries use either 110 or 220-240 volts of power. The Babyliss Pro TT Travel Dryer can be switched to run on either of the two settings. Just make sure you don’t use 110 volts on 220v sockets. The dryer will be fried in an instant.

Long Cord
The Babyliss Pro TT Travel Dryer has a 5 foot long power cord. You’ll never have to worry about finding the nearest power outlet again. Choose whatever you find and move around wherever you want.

Removable Filter
The rear filter can be removed when it needs to be serviced. The Babyliss Pro TT Travel Dryer comes packaged with a stand as well, which can be used to prop the filter while serving the device.

Ergonomic Design
Starting with its weight, that is only one pound. You can use this dryer for long durations, regardless of how long your hair is, without having your hands getting tired. The curved handle allows your hand and fingers to firmly grasp the dryer.


  • Light weight
  • Small dimensions
  • Long power cord (5 ft)
  • Natural far infrared plus ionizing via tourmaline titanium technology
  • Foldable handle halves the storage space required
  • 1000w motor provides surprisingly good performance while occupying a lot lesser space
  • Easily removable rear filter for hassle-free maintenance


  • No cool shot button
  • Might reduce performance when switching to 110v in some areas
  • Only two operating modes

Who Should Buy

Anyone who travels should have a good hair dryer. The Babyliss Pro TT Travel Dryer, for the features mentioned above, makes for the ideal choice. It is priced reasonably as well. Domestic and/or daily use is not prohibited, but considering the economically sized down motor and two speed options only; you’d be better off getting a proper hair dryer if you don’t travel often. To top things up, its sleek design and red color make it very appealing addition to your hair care kit as well.


The Babyliss Pro TT Travel Dryer certainly lives up to what many can expect of it. As a travel dryer this device certainly fulfills all the requirements of compact power, portability, features and flexible use. The next time you go travelling, having this device packed in your suitcase would not be a bad idea. You won’t find yourself having to go without your routine hair maintenance. The Babyliss Pro TT Travel Dryer, however, doesn’t lag by compromising on features or power because of a cut down in size and overall dimensions. The motor is strong and the features are enough to match a standard hair dryer.