How to Take Basal Body Temperature with Regular Thermometer


Even though basal body thermometers will always be the ideal type for tracking small temperature changes, you can actually use any kind of thermometer as long as it’s accurate. That’s why we’re here to teach you how to take basal body temperature with regular thermometer.

Know exactly what to do before taking your basal body temperature.

Precision relies on the right timing. So, even if you’d actually use a basal body temperature (BBT) thermometer, you still can’t guarantee precise results if you don’t prepare for it.

Before taking your basal temperature, do the following first:

  1. Put the thermometer near your bed. It has to be within your reach so you won’t sit up. It turns out that big movements can affect your basal temperature.
  2. Shake the thermometer if it contains mercury. Do this before your bedtime – not in the morning.
  3. Set your alarm. Precision depends on your strict schedule. If you’d start taking your temperature at 7:00 a.m., then do it every 7:00 a.m. for the rest of your BBT monitoring.

Take your basal body temperature every morning.

Right after you wake up, immediately reach for your thermometer. Again, don’t sit up. It goes without saying that you should never use the bathroom before taking your BBT.

Now, where should you insert your BBT thermometer? There are two options: orally or vaginally. You should do it vaginally if you usually sleep with your mouth open.

Once you’ll decide whether you’re going to do it orally or vaginally, do the exact same thing every day. Consistency is key.

Wait for the right moment to take note of the result.

Just like with any other product, you should read the user’s manual of your thermometer to know everything about your device – especially the waiting time. Some thermometers will only take seconds. Meanwhile, mercury thermometers require about five minutes.

After making sure that the thermometer shows you the right reading, take note of the result immediately. Do this every single day and compare the results.


Now that you have the right knowledge on how to take basal body temperature with regular thermometer, you’re finally ready to start monitoring your BBT. We still highly recommend BBT thermometers, though.