How to Use BB Cream with Foundation


Wanna have a more flawless look when you apply makeup? Then don’t just rely on BB creams. Start learning how to use BB cream with foundation.

Just a heads-up: applying BB cream and foundation at the same time can ruin your entire look if not done properly. BB cream is similar to foundation, so the possibility of caking is high. Remember to control the amount of both products.

For more tips on how to avoid caking, you might find some ideas here.

Finally, it’s time to know the process based on Prima‘s tips from beauty experts:

  1. Put a small amount of BB cream on your fingers.
  2. Gently pat the BB cream on your face for even coverage.
  3. Let your skin absorb the BB cream for a few seconds.
  4. Apply a thin layer of foundation.
  5. Use setting powder for a longer-lasting look.

If you don’t want to apply setting powder, we have some tips on how to set foundation without it.

In Conclusion

Makeup lasts longer and looks better on a foolproof base. That’s why you should know¬†how to use BB cream with foundation. Both of these products will conceal all your blemishes and prep your skin’s surface for more layers of makeup.

However, don’t just use any kind of foundation. You have to learn how to find the right shade for your skin tone.