Benefits and Disadvantages Of Using A Breast Pump


Breast pump have dawned like a revelation on most of the mothers out there today. Initially when they had problems with lactation, whether maternal or infant problems, they had the option to use their hands to express their milk for their child. This was a time consuming task, and if you are a working woman or a mother to many children giving a large part of time pumping your own milk might kill the rest of your day.

This is when the mothers used to then prefer using powdered milk formulas that used to claim to have all the natural ingredients that are found in breast milk and should be considered as an active and equally fulfilling substituent. But recent medical researchers have shunned them all. Breast milk is the best milk you can give to your child. It is protective to both your baby and you.

Many doctors and lactation consultants encourage you to nurse your child yourself as breast milk contains the need minerals, nutrients and most importantly the naturally occurring antibodies that help to keep to your child fit and healthy. Below mentioned are some advantages and few of the disadvantages associated with them.

Benefits Of Using A Breast Pump

The first and ferments benefit of using a breast pump is providing your child with nature’s best defense. Breast feeding also proves itself to be a natural contraception, so till the time you are lactating your child you will not conceive. This part is important because if you conceive then you will stop producing milk and you will have to switch to the less nutritious powdered milk kinds.

Researchers have concluded that breast feeding does protect mothers from breast cancers and endometrial cancers. This is also a natural protective mechanism. Else apart if you are given certain medications or if you are hospitalized and you are unable to feed your child directly from your breasts then you can use the breast pump. Especially if you are a gravimeter woman who has problems with correctly latching your child in you or expressing milk then pumping milk out for a few weeks can be an excellent option for you to do so.

Also if you are busy working somewhere else and you have to leave your child in your house to a nanny to leave it somewhere else even to child day care facilities you can do so by providing your own milk to drink for your child, even when you are not around.

So if you are really busy you can always keep a bottle of milk pumped beforehand so that when your baby cries for hunger you have the milk ready. Even if you are uncomfortable by the ideas of feeding your child through breast feeding, you can express your own milk by pumping.

Also for mothers who have undergone any kind of breast surgery and they cannot be stimulated by suckling reflex they can use breast pumps to feed their children. So it doesn’t matters whether you are ill, away, working, traveling or anything else, breast feeding or pumping breast milk for your child is really necessary to provide him or her nutritive substance it needs to grow.

Limitations Of Using A Breast Pump

While there are a number of benefits and advantages of using a breast pump there are however some disadvantages associated as well. It is postulated that after repeatedly pumping for some time, mothers have found out that their milk expression has decreased. This is completely opposite when you are feeding your child by your own milk yourself.

Through breast feeding never the breast milk reduces. But through breast milk pump mothers usually notice a decline. Some parents cannot really afford to buy another product and create a tiff in their already strict budget, that’s why breast pumps do not need to be an absolute necessity, especially if you cannot afford it. Breast feeding creates an unbreakable mother and child bond, through pumping milk you lose that connection with your child.

It is therefore encourage by counselors and doctors to occasionally use the breast pump and breastfeed your child most of the time.The breast pump cannot empty as effectively as natural feeding. This is a huge drawback because as your child grows so does his digestive system, he will require more milk.

While feeding on your own will make your child choose to fill itself according to his or her wish while through pumping you will only fill the standard bottle as it is.Pumping does not completely stimulates your breast and hence it does not protects you from a subsequent pregnancy and nor does it completely protects you from breast cancers etc. this is an important point to consider since the alarming rates of women these days are reporting with neoplasms of their reproductive organs or breasts.

Breast feeding comes off as a natural protective mechanism against them whereas breast milk pumping does not.

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