Best 2 Slice Toaster


Cooking breakfast in the morning, especially if you have to go to the office, can be such a hassle. That’s why appliances or tools such as the two-slice toaster became useful for busy people.

Munching on a warm, crunchy yet soft bread early in the morning can make a huge difference no matter how your day goes. For a more delicious toast, you can add nutty spreads like almond butter and sweet ones such as cheese. After careful research and product testing, we are giving you the best 2 slice toaster in today’s market.

Our Pick: Hamilton Beach Extra-Wide 2-Slice Toaster

Hamilton Beach Extra-Wide 2-Slice Toaster has buttons that are easy to push and see even inside a dim room because of their light. It can be stored easily due to its retractable cord. It lifts the contents higher than usual for fast yet smooth removal. The best part is that it keeps bread warm inside the slot until you remove it. It also has wider slots for even toasting of English muffins, bagels, and other bread. It has a tray for crumbs that you just have to slide out for a non-messy cleanup. This two-slice toaster looks attractive in any kitchen style. It will not burn your hands because its sides remain cool. You can even select your desired level of shade for your toast.

Runner Up: Oster Jelly Bean 2-Slice Toaster

Oster Jelly Bean 2-Slice Toaster is a good choice for most people because of its seven choices of toast shade. It can toast waffles without compromising the texture. It has a beautiful modern look due to its metallic finish.

Also Great: KRUPS Breakfast Set 2-Slot Toaster

KRUPS Breakfast Set 2-Slot Toaster has various functions such as Reheat and Defrost for different preferences and needs. Defrost takes longer to finish while Reheat warms toasted bread again without further browning. Its lever can be lifted all the way to the top so you can effortlessly remove small pieces of bread. This two-slice toaster is great for buns and homemade bread because it ensures even toasting despite thickness.

Also Great: KitchenAid 2 Slice Toaste

KitchenAid 2 Slice Toaster has a really long slot to toast different sizes and shapes of bread, even thick ones like sourdough. You can check the progress of your toast anytime without stopping the process and compromise the durability of the toaster. This two-slice toaster is made of metal but completely resistant to smudges.

Also Great: Cuisinart Compact Plastic 2-Slice Toaster

Cuisinart Compact Plastic 2-Slice Toaster is simple yet definitely functional. It has a traditional look but can still meet the standards of the modern world. It is so compact that it can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. This two-slice toaster can hold thick French toast, frozen pancakes, and other pastries.

Budget Pick: BLACK+DECKER 2-Slice Bagel Toaster

BLACK+DECKER 2-Slice Bagel Toaster guarantees efficiency because of its 850-watt power. That means, it toasts bread quickly while following your desired shade. The cord can be hidden underneath for convenient storage.

How to Select the Best 2 Slice Toaster

Take a look at these important factors to consider before purchasing the best 2 slice toaster for your future breakfast treats:

  • Shade Settings

    If there is a picky eater in your household, choose a two-slice toaster that has a lot of browning or toast shade options. This is also applicable when you like to eat different kinds of bread for breakfast. Some people like their toasted bread light while some prefer it dark.

    If a person is not sure about which setting suits his taste, there are toasters that have lifts so he can view the progress while the process continues. Then, he can just take note of the specific setting that helped him achieve his desired result.

  • Timer

    Since you are aiming for convenience, then never settle for a two-slice toaster that has no timer. But come to think of it, every modern toaster has an automatic off-switch already based on the duration or shade you set. But, you can resort to products that have a “Keep Warm” feature. These toasters do not have to automatically turn off when you set the timer. They just change from toasting to keeping your bread warm until you are ready to eat it. This feature is really useful when you multitask in the morning.

  • Slot

    Normally, a two-slice toaster has two slots. However, there are actually toasters that are made for four pieces of bread but only come with two extremely long slots. These two long slots can also hold two big slices of bread. Also, watch out for the slot’s depth. To make sure, purchase a toaster with a lever that lifts the slots high so you can remove smaller bread easily. Remember to keep an eye on the product’s dimensions and specific features. If you have a family, we recommend that you choose four-slice or oven toaster. In addition, small kitchens need compact toasters or ones that are storage-friendly, no matter what their size is.

  • Easy to Clean

    A removable or detachable crumb tray is way better than hinged ones. You can just remove the tray and dispose of the crumbs immediately. Simpler-looking toasters are easier to clean than those with lots of holes and vents, which can hide grime and grease.

  • Power

    Some two-slice toasters have more power that they can toast bread faster than ever. If you want this type of toaster, check the watts of the product. A good power for a two-slice toaster is 1,200kW.

  • Bagel Setting

    Some people are very particular about this setting. Delicious bagels follow a certain standard wherein one side is crunchy or brown while the other one remains soft. If only one side needs to be toasted, then only one special setting can make that happen. Not all toasters have this setting so bagel fans should be careful before making a buyer’s decision.


There are many kinds of toasters such as four-slot and oven. But, two-slice toasters are the simplest, most affordable, and most compact. Different factors make the best 2 slice toaster, but you still have the last say on which product to buy because people have different preferences on toast shade or browning. Lastly, if you love bagels, prioritize two-slice toasters with the in-demand Bagel setting. Not all toasters can toast one side of the bread only.

On the other hand, you may also check out our take on the best 4 slice toaster available on the market today.