Best 360 Camera


Whether you are an aspiring filmmaker or you just want to have fun shooting unique videos, a 360 camera is a neat gadget to own. It’s also great for game designers and hobbyists, and of course, those who like shooting their sports and outdoor adventures. When choosing the best 360-camera, there are certain features that you need to inspect because those capabilities are what will allow you to shoot your videos in unique and creative ways.

Some action cameras can also work like 360 cameras but not all. Others are compatible with your iPhone as an accessory. You also need to know the techniques in shooting a 360 video. We’ve listed down the best models with different features that you can choose from according to your preferences.

Our Pick: LG G5 Friends 360 CAM

Our best pick is the LG G5 Friends 360 CAM. This 360 camera lets you capture the world around you in all directions. It features 2 13-megapixel sensors and 2 wide angle lenses that allow you to capture both photos and 2K videos. Record your videos with a surround sound system so that they are more realistic when you play them back. The great thing is that you can easily show your videos to the world by uploading them to YouTube360. They can also be easily played on smartphones and other digital devices that have 360 capabilities.

The LG G5 runs on 1200mAh battery and you can use it without a power source until the battery runs out.

Runner Up: Rylo 360 Video Camera (iPhone Version)

For iPhone users, the Rylo 360 Video Camera (iPhone Version) is a great accessory to shoot 360 videos on your device. It’s quite compact so you can easily bring it with you on your trips and you don’t need any heavy equipment. This powerful 360 camera features an innovative software that lets you shoot cinematic videos. And once you are done with shooting, you can easily connect it to your smartphone and edit your footage.

You have total control of your videos and you can be as creative as you want in the editing. It comes with a user-friendly app so you can perfect your video and share it with your friends.

Also Great: Giroptic iO HD 360 Degree Camera for iPhone/iPad

Another great accessory for Apple users is the Giroptic iO HD 360 degree camera for iPhone/iPad. This will let you transform your mobile device into a 360 camera. Record 360 videos with its high-quality twin custom lenses which processes your captures real-time. This way, you can create unique and beautiful 360 videos wherever you are with only your mobile phone or tablet.

Easily share your 360 videos with your friends on social media as well as YouTube and Periscope. You can even live-stream your footage with its adaptive streaming technology which works with both Wi-Fi and 4G connection. It’s a simple plug and play device.

Budget Pick: Samsung Gear 360 High Resolution VR Camera

The most affordable option for quality output is the Samsung Gear 360 Real 360° High Resolution VR Camera. Record anything from concerts, stadium events, and sports videos and capture every angle at once. You can easily create, view, and share your experiences through social applications and even watch them on the Samsung VR system. It only takes one tap to start recording all that is above, below, and around the camera at once.

This 360 camera features 2 180-degree wide-angle lenses that shoot simultaneously. With one click, you can merge both footages to produce a seamless 360 image or video. You can now catch life’s every detail during precious moments in an affordable device. It’s great for 4K resolution videos and 30MP photos. The great thing is that you can even shoot in low light and still get clear and vivid images.

How to Choose the Best 360 Camera

You don’t need those highly expensive and sophisticated cameras to create 360 videos and images. You can create your own using the simple 360 cameras available today and some you can even connect to your mobile devices. There are lots of things you can do with your 360 footages including watching them on virtual reality systems or creating an independent film all on your own. Here are the important considerations when you’re choosing which 360-camera is right for you.

  • Lens

    The lens is the most important aspect of choosing a 360 camera. Most 360 cameras feature 2 lenses that capture images and videos simultaneously then allows you to merge them to create the 360 content. Take a look at the shutter time as well as the range of the lenses to see if they are suitable for what you’re intending to film. They must be wide enough for the type of sceneries that you want to shoot.

  • Image Quality

    What good is a 360 image or video if the image quality is poor? It’s important to check the resolution of the camera so look for higher resolution frames.

  • FPS

    The frames per second is also a big factor. Ideally, your 360-camera should be capable of capturing 50 frames per second but 30 FPS is acceptable enough for non-professional shoots.

  • Storage

    It must also have enough storage space to store all your precious moments. It’s best if the 360 camera comes with an internal hard drive or at least an expandable SD or micro SD card slot.

  • Portability

    This factor depends on where you want to bring and use your camera. If you want to be mobile, choose a 360 camera that is compact enough, especially if you want to use it with your mobile devices. It should be lightweight and durable enough to endure different outdoor conditions.

  • Battery Life

    It’s also important that your camera lasts long enough to capture your favorite moments without dying on you in the middle of it all. At least 40 minutes of shooting time on a single charge should be ideal up to an hour. You should also look for external battery capabilities.

360 cameras are the future of film technology so have fun experimenting with your videos and images. They may one day be famous. A 360 camera is a very neat gadget to own. It’s great for hobbyists.