Best 3D Glasses


Take your family movie nights to the next level by watching full 3D shows and movies. Gamers would also be glad to know that there are lots of video games now in 3D. Of course, you can’t enjoy any of it if you don’t have the right 3D glasses. You would also need the right type of player and 3D projector.

Choosing the best 3D glasses is far from choosing a pair of regular eyeglasses. 3D glasses work by accepting signals that are encoded by the content creators so you can see the images in 3D. One image is specially designed to be seen by the left eye and another for the right eye. These specially designed glasses are what allows you receive the separate images. They provide a separate image to each eye. Then your brain combines them into a single image.

There are a few types of 3D glasses and we have listed the best models to help you enjoy the best of your 3D movie nights.

Our Pick: 3ACTIVE SAMSUNG-Compatible 3D Glasses

Our first choice is the 3ACTIVE SAMSUNG-Compatible 3D Glasses. Rechargeable. TWIN-PACK. The set includes 2 glasses along with protective cases and cleaning cloths. They also come with USB charging cables. The best thing about these glasses is that you don’t need batteries to operate them. No batteries to replace and one charge lasts for hours.

It is designed with premium LCD glass lenses and these lenses have scratch-resistant coatings so you don’t have to worry about damages. They’re lightweight and comfortable so you can fully enjoy your movies. They can even fit over most prescription glasses so you don’t have to take them off.

Runner Up: 3DHeaven Ultra-Clear 3D Active Rechargeable Shutter Glasses

Next on our list is the 3DHeaven Ultra-Clear 3D Active Rechargeable Shutter Glasses. It features steel hinges and durable frames so they’re meant to last but still is very comfortable to wear. The super soft, black rubberized top protects your head so you can wear them for long. They are a lot more comfortable than standard plastic 3D glasses.

These 3D glasses feature the next generation super-fast refresh rate so you don’t need an emitter. It’s perfect for watching on 3D projectors. It also has an automatic power-off function so it conserves battery when not in use.

Also Great: Better 3D View Quality Passive 3D Glasses

If you want something that would be compatible with most TV brands, the Better 3D View Quality Passive 3D Glasses is an excellent quality model. They are made from high-quality materials with a T90 plastic polymer that is strong yet flexible so they are durable and comfortable to wear. The glasses are lightweight so you would barely feel them while watching your favorite 3D movies. The lenses are thick but not flimsy.

These glasses are circularly polarized so you can use them with all passive 3D TVs and 3D cinemas as well, except IMAX. You can bring them along anywhere you can use them. The frames are also designed to fit over prescription glasses so you can wear them on top of your regular glasses, allowing you to see everything clearly.

Budget Pick: ED 4 Pack CINEMA 3D GLASSES for LG 3D TVs

The most affordable model with good quality performance is the ED 4 Pack CINEMA 3D GLASSES for LG 3D TVs. The set comes with 4 pairs of glasses which are a great value for the price. They work as well as the official LG glasses at a lesser price. They are designed with scratch resistant lenses so you can expect them to last long. These glasses work perfectly with all passive 3D TVs and are compatible with all the major brands like Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, LG among others.

They are a high-quality alternative to official branded 3D glasses. They’re easy to clean.

How to Choose the Best 3D Glasses

It’s important that you choose the right 3D glasses to go with your 3D TV or projector. But aside from the compatibility, there are other things you need to consider to ensure that you will have the best experience when watching your favorite 3D films.

  • Passive Polarized Glasses

    There are two types of 3D glasses available and the first one is the passive type. They look a lot like regular sunglasses and feel the same, and you don’t need additional power for them to work. You can wear them over your prescription glasses. The advantage is they are often inexpensive.

  • Active Shutter Glasses

    The active type is slightly bulkier since they require batteries. Some are replaceable and others are rechargeable. They have a transmitter that syncs the rapidly moving shutters for each of your eyes. You can turn them on and off. These glasses can be a lot more expensive than passive type 3D glasses or polarized glasses. They can range from $75 up to $150 or more depending on the manufacturer. The advantage of choosing active shutter glasses is they have a better resolution. That’s because they are in sync with the TV or projector’s screen refresh rate.

  • Style

    Typically, the more expensive glasses tend to look more stylish. If you would be inviting friends over that you want to impress, you might consider the style and design on your 3D glasses. There are also designer ones available. But there are other things that matter.

  • Weight

    Your 3D glasses need to be as lightweight as possible since they will be resting on your head for a few hours. A bulky and heavy pair of glasses could become annoying and you might not enjoy your movie as much. The design of a particular model will also determine the overall weight. Try to stick to slim and trim glasses rather than the bulky ones.

  • Scratch Resistance

    You need to protect the lenses of your glasses in order for them to keep functioning properly. A scratched lens will not provide you with the best quality 3D image when you’re watching. It’s best to choose a pair that is scratch-proof or at least scratch resistant.

You can take your family movie nights to the next level by watching full 3D shows and movies with the best 3D glasses.