Best 40 Inch TV


Having your own home theater is something that you will look forward to as an exciting addition to your household. For starters, a 40-inch television can give you so much pleasure while watching a show or movie because of the wide screen. After careful research and product testing, we are giving you the best 40 inch TV in today’s market.

Our Pick: Samsung 40-Inch Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Samsung 40-Inch Ultra HD Smart LED TV gives much sharper images compared to an ordinary HD TV. It has built-in Wi-Fi to boost its Smart TV features. Its PurColor feature wants you to enjoy real-life colors on the screen. The colors successfully capture reality’s details, but UHD Dimming makes them even more jaw-dropping because of the images’ perfect balance of sharpness, contrast, and brightness. Another innovative feature is turning the low resolution into HD through Upscaling Picture Engine. Accessibility to content is faster and more convenient with the TV’s Quad-Core Processor.

Runner Up: Sony 40-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV

Sony 40-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV lets you enjoy watching video streams, television shows, live sports telecasts and Blu-ray movies because of its clear, rich images. The screen gives more detailed images through Clear Resolution Enhancer feature. Dynamic movement looks smooth on screen with the Motionflow XR technology. This TV will look stylish in your home due to its slim design. It is big but not bulky to look at.

Also Great

TCL 40-Inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TV ensures direct accessibility to more than 4,000 stream channels, which means availability of over 450,000 TV shows and movies. Roku TV makes that all possible. Despite the promise of a whopping number of entertainment channels, the interface is still simple to look at and operate. It is proven by the TV’s remote control which only has 20 buttons. There is no need for complicated commands and menus. This TV lets you enjoy your shows and movies no matter how you want it – satellite, pay cable, online streaming or free tuning. It recommends its free yet special Roku mobile app for an easier search through voice command.

Upstar 40-Inch 1080p LED TV has the right size and slimness for any room. It also has a lot of inputs for various devices. The best part about this TV is how good it utilizes energy for personal savings and environmental purposes.

Proscan 40-Inch LED TV has a wide collection of inputs and outputs for your changing preferences. Its sleek design will look great in your living room, den or bedroom. The screen gives brilliant images that look good from different angles. The quality of sound is also satisfying enough for the price.

Budget Pick

VIZIO D-Series 40 Inch Full Array LED Smart TV ensures that the latest apps, songs, TV episodes and movies will be enjoyed right under your fingertips. The whole screen gives the uniform quality of images due to its Full-Array LED Backlight. All these great features at such an affordable price.

How to Select the Best 40 Inch TV

In case you have not noticed, all of our top picks above are LED TVs. The other two popular choices for flat screen TVs are LCD and plasma. However, manufacturers already stopped the production of plasma TV.  The ones left on the market are old models.

Find out why we recommend LED, as well as other factors we believe you should also consider before you purchase the best 40 inch TV for your home:

  • Room

    Before buying a 40-inch TV, make sure that it will match perfectly with the designated room’s size. The screen should be at least twice its size away from the viewer. If not, it will give discomfort to the person’s eyes.

  • Resolution

    Resolution is based on the pixel quantity, not the actual size of the TV. The same idea goes for other products such as 24-inch monitors. Screens with 1280 x 720 pixels have 720p resolution. This resolution is enough for DVDs, and HD satellite and cable. On the other hand, 1080p is on 1920 x 1080 pixel screens. It is perfect to maximize the quality of Blu-ray.

  • Contrast Ratio

    Plasma TV shows the best display quality because of its higher contrast ratio compared to LED and LCD. LCD shows the worst quality of dark colors because of its brightness. That’s why many LCD screens appear to be faded. Meanwhile, LED has the right balance of contrast and brightness.

  • Price

    You cannot expect cheap prices for LED TVs. LED is a new addition to the world of television technology. Cheaper alternatives are plasma and LCD TV. But, LCD is made for smaller TVs only. Quality-wise, especially value for money, nothing beats LED – for now.

  • Energy Cost

    Talking further about the financial side of having a 40-inch TV, plasma screen uses up a lot of power because of individual subpixels lighting at the same time for hours. In addition, using an LCD TV is cheaper than plasma. However, LED TV is the cheapest of all which uses about 90 percent less energy than plasma.

  • Longevity

    LED TVs are more in-demand for a reason. They last longer than TVs with plasma screens. Plasma TV lasts for approximately 60,000 hours while LED reaches up to 100,000 hours.

  • Motion

    Interestingly, plasma TV is actually the best choice in watching dynamic displays such as sports. But, static or fixed displays will eventually take a toll on a plasma TV’s screen. Since plasma uses thousands of small cells lighting up, cells that stay static such as ones representing game controls and network logos will gradually contribute to screening burn. In short, plasma is only good for motion. For functionality, LED covers a wide range of displays.

  • Connectivity

    If you have several gadgets or devices, it is best to settle for a 40-inch TV with a lot of available inputs. Popular inputs are HDMI, USB, composite video, and S-Video. There are also special inputs for the internet, digital cameras, PCs and other small gadgets. Since you are planning to purchase a flat screen TV, then prioritize the HDMI input. HDMI enables you to see high definition images from laptops, Blu-ray, and HD TV or satellite. Inputs for USB, PCs and digital cameras are only available in new TV models, so be careful in choosing a product. Composite video is one of the basics. It requires the usual white, red and yellow RCA jacks for audio and display. S-Video is another basic connection solely for display. The one for internet access is usually installed at the back and takes up quite a large space, so think again about your room’s size.

  • Refresh Rate

    Not sure how to identify the refresh rate? Just look for the Hertz (Hz) from the specs. A good refresh rate for a 40-inch TV is 60Hz. Since some people play video games on flat-screen TVs, several new models offer higher refresh rates. A high refresh rate gives a faster response time and smoother displays of movement.


A 40-inch TV is one good addition to your home theater. It is really wide but still smaller than other sizes. The three common types of flat screen TVs are LED LCD and plasma. Each has its own good points. But, LED raises the bar high when it comes to functionality, longevity, and quality.

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