Best 4K Video Camera


If you want to take your filmmaking skills to a whole new level, an upgrade to a 4K video camera seems like the next best step. Shooting with a 4K video camera will give you a more detailed footage than anything you might have seen before. It’s a more advanced type of HD footage that is crisp and looks extremely better on a large screen 4K TV or 3D projectors.

Professional photographers, as well as hobbyists, have taken a great interest in 4K cameras because 4K videos and images have twice as many pixels horizontally and 4 times more pixels in total. 4K literally means 4,000. It’s a video specification which means 4,000 pixels of width on your footages.

You will find lots of different types of 4K video cameras on the market today. To help you choose the best one for your personal or professional projects, we have selected the top models in a comprehensive list.

Our Pick: PANASONIC 4K Cinema-Like Camcorder

Our best choice is the PANASONIC 4K Cinema-Like Camcorder. This 4K video camera features ultra HD recording and you can edit your footages in the camera. No need to transfer files to your computer for quick edits. It features an electronic viewfinder to give you a semi-professional recording experience. Feel like a pro by using the dedicated HDR button which allows you to shift to different shooting modes.

The camera uses Decoma lens with an optical image stabilization so your videos are always stable. It has Wi-Fi mobile features so you can easily transfer files to your mobile devices.

Runner Up: Sony 4K HD Video Recording Camcorder

Our second favorite is the Sony 4K HD Video Recording Camcorder (Black). Capture your special moments in stunning clarity with this 4K video camera. Make your vacations and romantic trips come to life when you watch it again in high definition. It features a wide-angle lens with a 20x zoom so you can really capture every intimate detail. The optical steady shot gives your footages unrivaled stability so you always capture the perfect shot.

You can now capture the finest details in 4K resolution with its advanced image sensor. The camera has an intelligent rapid contrast detection to capture decisive moments so you can capture important scenes with impeccable timing. For the pros, you can work on the manual control settings so you can create your most ideal scenes.

Also Great: Sony 4K Video Camera with 3.5-Inch LCD

If you prefer something more compact, the Sony 4K Video Camera with 3.5-Inch LCD (Black) gives you the same 4K quality videos in a camera that fits in the palm of your hand. It features 4K resolution so you can capture your footages with true cinematic depth. Record breathtaking videos with vibrant and extremely realistic images. It uses a fast image processor so you can record 30p movies and watch them in a smooth and sharp playback. The video is always stable even when you pan the camera or shoot moving subjects.

It has an improved low-light sensitivity so you never have to worry about shooting in dimly lit settings. You can shoot night landscapes and even indoor scenes. The storage is also optimized because the files are highly compressed so you can record more videos without having to empty the storage.

Budget Pick: Besteker 4K Camcorder, 24MP 30X Digital Zoom Video Camcorder

If you’re on a budget, the Besteker 4K Camcorder, 24MP 30X Digital Zoom Video Camcorder gives you full 4K resolution recording at a fraction of the price. This 4K video camera shoots precise and vivid footages so you can enjoy movie quality videos. It’s also very versatile because you can use it as a webcam. The Wi-Fi function lets you download the compatible viewer on your phone so you can immediately see your videos on your mobile device. Share it with your friends anytime you want. It features an IR night vision so you can shoot in darkness and it has an optional wide angle lens.

How to Choose the Best 4K Video Camera

Another great reason for upgrading to a 4K video camera is because this is the video quality of the future. If you want your work to last and still be worth watching in the future, shooting them in 4K is the way to go. But you need to choose the right camera and ensure that it has the specifications that would make your videos stand out.

  • Video Quality

    Video cameras with larger video sensors or imagers perform so much better. Choose one that has a larger imager to get finer details.

  • Low-Light Performance

    Most cameras take great shots in bright sunlight in outdoor settings. But if you want to be able to shoot in low-light settings as well in the same quality, check the low-light performance of the camera. Camcorders with larger image sensors are able to deliver better results in dim lighting than those with smaller sensors.

  • Image Stabilization

    If you’re going to be shooting lots of moving images, it’s important that your 4K video camera has a good image stabilization feature. It’s a technology that reduces shaking so you never take blurry videos. Videos tend to blur in low light or when you shoot with the zoom lens. This feature is also very important when you shoot while walking, riding a car, or out at sea. With this technology, you can record videos of waterfalls or sports events flawlessly. This is a very important feature since most camcorders are handheld.

  • Built-in Wi-Fi

    The wi-fi capability allows you to transfer your videos from your 4K video camera to your computer and mobile devices. You can even upload them directly to the internet so you can easily share your footages with your friends. It also allows you to stream your videos live.

  • Optical Zoom

    If you want to capture intimate details on objects or shoot from a distance, this feature will come in very handy. Larger zoom lenses can give you better quality images even in farther distances.

Consider the type of activities that you will be doing when choosing your 4K video camera. That will tell you the features that you need to prioritize.