Best Acne Face Wash


Acne is one of the most common skin diseases that can affect many areas of your life such as career and relationships based on how severe it is. It is very noticeable and can be annoying sometimes due to itchiness or pain. One of the treatments for acne is a face wash specially formulated for the said skin disease. Face wash is usually convenient to use because you just have to wash it with water afterward. After a series of product-testing and research, we are giving you the best acne face wash available in today’s market.

Our Pick: Body Merry Glycolic Exfoliating Acne Face Wash

Body Merry’s Exfoliating Acne Face Wash can significantly reduce dark spots caused by acne. For excessively oily skin prone to acne, using this facial wash to a maximum of five times in one week is enough. Skin hyperpigmentation due to years of suffering from cystic acne can also be healed by this product. Aside from treating acne, this facial wash can also brighten skin.

Runner-Up: Vidazen Face Wash Cleanser for Acne

Vidazen’s Acne Face Wash and Cleanser does not only treat acne and oily skin. It also keeps your face fresh and clear. It does not give an uncomfortable tightening effect like other cleansers do. The positive noticeable effects of this product shows in an average of two weeks.

The downside of this product is that it is difficult to foam it up with just a little amount. That results to a longer and harder time in spreading foam all over the face. It can be expensive to maintain this facial wash.

Also Great

Neutralyze Anti-Acne Solution’s facial wash promises to treat moderate to severe acne, including scars due to the skin disease. With patience, this product can really heal severe acne, especially in cases where painful acne already looks like rash. It can also gently balance out oily skin, leaving it bright and smooth. It also has a long-term effect which is stopping new acne to emerge by reducing its size instantly. The package comes with comprehensive instructions and a quality microfiber cloth.

Due to its very scientific ingredients to completely heal severe acne, this product may have different effects to sensitive skin. So, consult your dermatologist before purchasing an acne remover for your delicate skin.

Clearasil’s Acne Face Wash is helpful for oily skin, resulting to treatment or prevention of acne. It has immediate effects by making acne less reddish after just one day. It gained loyal users through the years.

Neutrogena’s Acne Face Wash targets oily skin, even at the back. But, it does not dry the skin too much which is very helpful. It also has a lot of loyal users spanning how many years now. This product is also memorable because of its pleasant smell.

Budget Pick

ArtNaturals Clarifying Acne Face Wash is the most affordable one here but still one of the best. It is a gentle acne remover and, at the same time, a moisturizer. Despite being mild, it has significant positive effects after a few months such as minimizing pores. It is perfect for sensitive skin.

How to Select the Best Acne Face Wash

Believe it or not, all products we encountered received complaints from buyers about acne breakout after use. What does this tell us? Obviously, the effectiveness of the acne face wash mainly depends on your skin type. No matter how expensive an acne face wash can be, it does not necessarily mean that it would instantly treat your acne.

Learn more about things to consider before purchasing an acne face wash:

  • Skin Type

    The major skin types are dry, oily, combination of both, sensitive and normal. Dry skin usually comes in a flaky appearance and tight feel. Winter just makes things worse. The perfect acne face wash for this skin type is oil-, milk- or cream-based.

    Oily skin perfectly contrasts with dry skin. This skin type is most susceptible to breakouts. But, an oily skin does not necessarily mean acne-prone. Acne actually has a lot of other factors such as hormones and genes. To combat oily skin, an acne face wash that is oil-free must be used.

    A skin that is both dry and oily means that it has inconsistent areas. Oily areas are usually found on the nose, forehead and chin. Dry skin, on the other hand, is typically found on the neck, cheek and around the eyes. The perfect match for this unpredictable skin is mild acne face wash, which is constantly gentle and seals enough oil.

    Skincare by Alana

    Sensitive skin is so hard to please. The best way to choose the perfect acne face wash for this is to identify what it must avoid. Facial wash with alcohol, acid and fragrance is a big no-no. But, if you really want scent, resort to more natural ingredients such as aloe vera, chamomile and green tea. A product that has fewer ingredients is preferable.

    Meanwhile, people with normal skin type are so lucky. They can try all sorts of products until they come across something they like. Still, the best acne face wash for them is a neutral one. We must not expose our skin too much on different chemicals or substances.

  • Cost

    If you are a beginner in the world of fighting acne, we recommend to try more affordable products first. Buying an expensive product which offers a lot of promises but turns out to be incompatible for your skin is a waste of money. Yes, you can make a list of acne face wash products you must avoid, but you can still stumble upon an ineffective or harsh one just because of one ingredient. With careful research and dermatologist consultation, your skin can still remain safe despite buying cheaper alternatives.

  • Dermatologist

    To make things easier, always follow your dermatologist’s instructions. If your specialist’s recommendations do not work, then return to them as soon as possible and talk about the negative results. This can mean more money to shell out, but at least you are in the right hands.


Talking about acne treatment such as facial wash is a tricky subject. You cannot expect one acne face wash to be compatible for all skin types. Before trying out the best acne face wash, make sure you know your skin type first and better yet, consult your dermatologist. Less regrets will happen with a specialist. On the other hand, in choosing makeup, you may check our top picks on the best foundation for acne-prone skin.