Best Acoustic Guitar


Whether you’re a professional performer or a music enthusiast, finding the right acoustic guitar would highly depend on your preferences. But there are certain factors to consider to ensure that the guitar is sounding perfect and that it’s of good quality. We’ve made a list of the best selections of acoustic guitars in different styles and finish.

You also need to make sure that you’re using the right strings. Some people are more comfortable playing with certain types of strings. There are different thickness and materials of strings and here are some helpful tips for choosing the right acoustic strings that you can review. If you’re setting up a home entertainment system, you might like this guide on the best bookshelf speakers under $100.

So how do you pick the best acoustic guitar? You also need to consider your skill level. Our list is a great place to start.

Our Pick: Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar

Number one on our list is the Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar. This is a great-looking dreadnought guitar with a bold sound. It’s great for beginners or as a second instrument for more advanced players. This is an all around solution for all styles of music. It features a spruce top and has a slim neck with a full 25 1/2” scale length that provides a comfortable feel. It has a smooth satin finish for optimum sound quality.

The fingerboard is a rosewood with a radius of 12” and has 20 frets. Its saddle is a compensated synthetic bone. It also includes phosphor bronze light gauge strings.

Runner Up: Fender Acoustic Guitar Bundle

Our second choice is the Fender Acoustic Guitar Bundle. It includes the Fender acoustic guitar, a gig bag, tuner, straps, and picks. It also comes with an instructional DVD and a polishing cloth. This guitar plays warm vibrant sounds suitable for all styles of music. It has a 20 fret rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays. The bridge is also rosewood with compensated synthetic bone saddle.

It has a laminated spruce top. The set is complete that is why it is perfect for beginners. You will have everything you need to learn the basics and advance to the next levels.

Also Great

Another great option is the Oscar Schmidt OG2SM Acoustic Guitar. It is a dreadnought style acoustic with a salted maple top so it has a very Country look. This will be great for the country and folk performers. It has Catalpa sides and back and it’s very durable. The high gloss finish makes this look very professional so this is great for singer-composers who perform.

It has a rosewood fingerboard and bridge. This is a little bit more expensive because it does not come with other accessories but has great quality.

If you want something that looks a bit more dramatic, the Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar is a great choice. It has a mahogany body with the sides darkened. This is great for folk rock or country rock styles. It’s available in ebony, natural, and vintage sunburst finish. This guitar features a 14-degree headstock that gives you more pressure at the nut.

It has a select spruce top and the fingerboard is rosewood. The guitar has a 25.5 scale. Its classy black vintage style pickguard is easy to spot on stage.

A great classic choice is the Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar Bundle. The set includes the accessories you need to start playing. This is great both for beginners and advanced players. The guitar features a solid spruce top with scalloped bracing. It has Nato/Okume back and sides. The tuners are chrome and the fretboard is rosewood. It has a shell pickguard.

The bundle also comes with a gig bag, guitar strap, pick a card, extra set of strings, polishing cloth, instructional DVD, and a clip-on tuner. It’s a great value for your money.

Budget Pick

A really good affordable option is the Best Choice Products Black Acoustic Guitar Starter Package. It includes accessories but comes at a very good price. The set includes a pitch pipe, shoulder strap, a guitar pick, and extra set of strings. It also comes with a nylon carrying case. The guitar features a sturdy top with smooth curves. It produces smooth and rich sounds perfect for different genres.

The low action strings reduce hand fatigue and will be easy on your fingers so it’s ideal for beginners. Its pegs are smooth and easy to adjust to keep the guitar in tune.

How to Choose the Best Acoustic Guitar

Guitar makers use a wide variety of materials to create guitars and they make a difference on how the acoustic guitar sounds and feels. These materials also matter on particular parts of the guitar’s overall body.

  • Beginners

    Amateur guitar players or beginners may benefit a lot from packages or the sets that include some accessories which they can use to learn how to play. A pitch pipe or an electronic tuner is a great additional accessory which will be very useful when learning the guitar. But they may not want to spend that much on a first guitar. Consider the price and choose something that is economical because you are still learning the basics and are still not adept on how the sounds should come out.

  • Advanced Players

    An upgraded guitar would be more suitable for more experienced guitar players. This is when you ned to take a close look at the type of materials and variations of wood when choosing an acoustic guitar.

  • Tonewoods

    There are a variety of woods specified on different parts of an acoustic guitar. They create distinctive sounds. Cedar is a soft wood that produces bright tones. Ebony is strong and has a sleek feel which is great as fretboard material. Mahogany is a dense wood that produces strong sound with an emphasis on high-end notes and is great for country and blues music. There are plenty of other wood materials for different parts of the guitar and they help define the overall makeup of the sound.

  • Neck

    The width and length of the neck also matter. It will not affect the sound that the acoustic guitar produces but it will affect your comfort. If you have smaller arms and thinner fingers, choose a neck that is not so thick.

  • Guitar Top

    The guitar top has a great impact on the quality of the tone. A solid acoustic guitar top vibrates better than a laminate one. But laminates are much better for beginners.

You should also consider the type of strings that you would use in your acoustic guitar. Not all strings are suitable for all guitar types so make sure that the guitar you choose is suitable for the strings you would like to play.