Best Adjustable Dumbbells


Your body has changing needs in general. Same goes to more specific things such as exercise, workout or bodybuilding. Sooner or later, you might need a different kind of workout or another set of equipment. One particular example is gradually increasing your dumbbells’ weights. It is not practical to buy several pairs of dumbbells for each weight requirement because of the accumulated cost, and problems of storing a lot of heavy equipment. Why not buy just one pair of dumbbells that you can adjust anytime based on your changing preferences?

If you are planning to complete your home gym, here are top 5 ways to successfully create one. But, it is best if we must focus first on each piece of basic equipment such as dumbbells for us to know which ones are best to own.

After careful research and product testing, we are giving you the best adjustable dumbbells in today’s market:

Our Pick: Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells

Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells can be adjusted from 5 to 52.5 pounds each in 2.5-pound increments until the initial 25 pounds. There is a total of 15 pairs of weights for your convenience. These numerous weights are controlled through an innovative dial system. The dials are easy to use for a dynamic arm, shoulder, abs, chest, back or leg workout. The metal plates are sturdy and durable for smooth and no-clank lifts.

Runner Up: Power Block Elite 50-Pound Dumbbell Set

Power Block Elite 50-Pound Dumbbell Set can be expanded up to 90 pounds each. It represents 16 pairs of weights. Adjusting the weights is so easy that it can take you only 5 seconds for each pair. Each pair gets heavier if you put more weights, but the bar stays short for a more secure grip and non-bulky workout. You will feel safe doing different weightlifting techniques such as flat bench press, incline, and overhead because of the stable weights.

Also Great

Unipack Pair of Adjustable Cast Iron Dumbbells can go up to a total of 105 pounds. It does not require tools for set up. The plates are durable because of cast iron which can last for decades. These adjustable dumbbells are compact for storage. They are a great addition even for actual gyms due to their durability and high-quality materials.

Ringstar Starring 105-200 Lbs Adjustable Silver Dumbbells are attractive to look at because of their meticulous spray paint job. Their handles give a comfortable grip due to their nice texture. These adjustable dumbbells are convenient to clean. The weights and screw lock smoothly slide onto the handle.

Yes4All 52.5 lbs Adjustable Cast Iron Dumbbell is perfect for buyers who do not look for a bulky pair of weights. It only comes with one handle which includes a set of plates. It ensures that you will focus on just one muscle area at a time. Its plates made of cast iron have paint finish to stop them from accumulating rust for years to come. This adjustable dumbbell is perfect for leg lifts, strength training, core exercises, toning and basic workouts.

Budget Pick

CAP Barbell 40-Pound Adjustable Dumbbell Set comes with its own special carrying storage case. You can easily organize everything inside the case for convenient storage. You will never miss a workout anymore even if you travel out of town, thanks to this product’s portability. These adjustable dumbbells do not need maintenance because their semi-gloss finish prevents rust. Gloves are not necessary with these due to the comfortable and secure grip. The total weight is good for beginners.

How to Select the Best Adjustable Dumbbells

Take a look at important factors to consider before purchasing the best adjustable dumbbells for your home gym:

  • Convenience

    Adjustable dumbbells are bought for a specific reason. That’s why you need to consider how easy it is to adjust the metal plates of a dumbbell. If you settle for adjustable dumbbells that are so hard to set up, then you might as well just end up with ordinarily fixed weights.

    A few minutes unscrewing and locking plates is not too bad. But, how about saving more time with adjustable dumbbells that come with an automatic switch or dial?

  • Weight

    Check the product details carefully, especially the total weight on one hand. Some products tend to give the total of both pairs. Decide the maximum weight you want to have on your dumbbells. Some go for a total of 100 pounds each.

  • Grip

    Dumbbells are actually dangerous if you do not use it right. One scenario is letting go of the weights above your thighs while you are sitting. The make or break factor when it comes to that is the grip. You need a comfortable grip to avoid straining your hand and getting your arm tired easily. Obviously, you also need a secure one to prevent slips. The handle must be durable and sturdy, so it can hold heavy weights for a long time without bending or breaking.

  • Value

    Sure, investing on expensive adjustable dumbbells is no problem at all. Just make sure that these will last for decades. Workout is recommended for a lifetime, so better hold on to the same dumbbells as long as possible to avoid spending on new ones just for the same function. Some dumbbells are just expensive because of additional features. Why not equate high price with longevity?

  • Increment

    Dumbbells that are adjustable promote gradual workout intensity. However, how much change do you need per increase of weight? You should also consider if you need adjustable dumbbells that allow fractions of weight change. This is useful for beginners, and pros who want to push themselves to the maximum. If you want to go for much heavier dumbbells, you need to increase their weight bit by bit – preferably every week – to avoid overwhelming your muscles.


Ordinary dumbbells are useful enough for muscle toning or enhancement. With adjustable dumbbells, however, workout gets even better with convenience. Adjustable dumbbells are good for the muscles and the storage area. Seeing several pairs of dumbbells can be distracting. Also, storing them after a workout is such a hassle. You just have to remember that the best adjustable dumbbells for you should be value for money, safe to use, comfortable to grip, and easy to adjust. Do not forget about the total weight. Read product descriptions carefully.

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