The Best Adjustable Pliers of 2018


Sometimes, you only need one tool for multiple tasks.

A good example is tongue-and-groove pliers, adjustable tools designed to grip and turn various nuts and bolts. They’re also great for holding or clamping materials that have an irregular shape.

Let’s learn more about these tools as we introduce the best adjustable pliers.

Our Pick: Irwin Tools 2078108 VISE-GRIP Pliers

Just by pressing and sliding the button of Irwin Tools 2078108 VISE-GRIP Pliers, you can already move the lower jaw in just a snap. Now, that’s literally quick adjustment.

Focusing on the product’s Multi-Groove Ratcheting System, it gives the pliers more possible positions than ordinary tongue-and-groove pliers. That’s why these pliers can work on most surfaces.

This product also prioritizes comfort. It has non-slip ProTouch Grips to improve control, minimizing hand fatigue.

Additionally, this tool has V-shaped jaws as well. Aside from round objects, it can also handle square and hexagon-shaped items. Its teeth are even non-slip to prevent any damage on a surface.

Runner Up: Channellock 463 Tongue and Groove Pliers

Despite their solid construction, Channellock 463 Tongue and Groove Pliers have a smooth mode of adjustment for easier handling. As a plus, their jaws are neither too loose nor too tight.

Speaking of the jaws, their shape and angle guarantee better contact with round stock and tubing. Meanwhile, the teeth are treated with laser heat for a stronger and steadier grip.

When it comes to durability, this product has a reinforced edge to reduce stress breakage. It is also made of high-carbon steel with a special coating for corrosion resistance.

Also Great: Bastex Tongue and Groove Joint Pliers

Precision is the strength of Bastex Tongue and Groove Joint Pliers. No matter how you adjust the jaws, the width will always match a certain hardware. That’s why the tool guarantees a snug fit.

To be more specific, these pliers have seven adjustable layers. The main purpose of this feature is to let you work on different pipes.

Budget Pick: Crescent RT24CVS Mini Pliers

For simpler projects, Crescent RT24CVS Mini Pliers are ideal. They’re lightweight which is necessary for comfort.

Another obvious benefit of a smaller size is portability. This particular option is actually pocket-sized. How convenient is that?

We should also highlight the product’s handles. Technically, they’re single-dipped for easier cleaning. Also, they may look smooth, but they’re non-slip.

Lastly, the dark finish of the jaws come from black oxide. This material is excellent for the prevention of rust.

How to Select the Best Adjustable Pliers

Size, convenience, versatility, grip, comfort, and durability are the factors we’ve considered in choosing the best adjustable pliers.

  • Size

    Specifically, length is crucial when it comes to pliers. Some pliers can go as small as four inches, but that’s clearly for smaller objects only.

    If you want to take it up a notch even for just a little bit, eight inches is fine for more tasks. This size is ideal for compact areas like the one under your kitchen sink. However, it still falls short on versatility when you consider bigger sizes.

    Now, pliers more than 12 inches long are extremely versatile, but they’re not recommended for tight spaces. That’s why we recommend buying this kind of pliers together with a mini version just in case. Don’t worry; small pliers are very cheap.

  • Convenience

    The idea of freely adjusting the pliers’ jaws is practical, but one thing can ruin this advantage. What if the mechanism is too difficult to adjust? This will only stress you out especially when you’re in a hurry.

    So, it’s important to think about efficiency. Adjustable pliers should have a user-friendly button that can change the width quickly – even if you’re going to do it singlehandedly.

  • Versatility

    To ensure versatility, consider the jaw structure as well. The best type is probably the one with a V form, considering the fact that it can perfectly grab almost any shape.

    Just to make you appreciate even more the benefits of V-shaped jaws, we have some information about flat jaws. The latter is specially designed for square and hexagonal materials. It won’t work with pipes and other round objects.

  • Grip

    In this section, we’re going to focus on the pliers’ teeth. This feature ensures a more secure grip for better control. It can also guarantee a more foolproof result.

    However, there are instances that you should use pliers with no teeth. Smooth jaws are designed for fragile surfaces like chrome and PVC. You don’t want to dent these delicate materials.

  • Comfort

    Of course, let’s not forget about the pliers’ handles. It goes without saying that the padded ones are more comfortable. These handles are usually coated with rubber for a softer feel.

    However, some people still prefer the texture of traditional handles. These metal handles are basically coated with plastic for safety. They’re non-slip, but their hardness can take a toll on your palms.

  • Durability

    Adjustable pliers should have a tough construction to withstand heavy use. One factor that has a big impact on the tool’s toughness is the material.

    High-carbon steel is an excellent material for pliers because of its extreme hardness. However, it needs an additional layer that can resist corrosion.

    Despite its shortcomings, high-carbon steel is still an in-demand metal, which has a lot to do with its affordability. It is a common material for tools like saws, nails, knives, and drill bits.

    Laser heat-treated metals should also be considered. They have enhanced properties to resist abrasion, distortion, and premature wear. They’re commonly used for the jaws’ teeth due to direct contact with various surfaces.


Out of all the best adjustable pliers we’ve discussed, we ultimately selected Irwin Tools 2078108 VISE-GRIP as the top product. It has a length that’s neither too big nor too small. More importantly, it aces convenience, versatility, grip, comfort, and durability because of its ergonomic design.

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