Best Adult Coloring Book


Who says coloring books are for children only? Coloring books specially designed for adults became a trend because of their positive effects, including healthy leisure without dependence on technology and relief from stress. Adult coloring books are more complex than the typical kids’ version. The colorless images have a lot of small details that can be too difficult for an average child. After careful research and product testing, we are giving you the best adult coloring book in today’s market.

Our Pick: Marjorie Sarnat’s Creative Haven Owls Adult Coloring Book

Marjorie Sarnat’s Creative Haven Owls Adult Coloring Book has over 30 pages of big and fancy colorless drawings. The images focus on owls drawn with intricate details. The owls beautifully match with detailed floral patterns. Each drawing is separated through one-sided printing so you can remove and post a page for display without compromising an image at the back. This adult coloring book can inspire, motivate, entertain and relax you due to its artistic designs.

Runner Up: Johanna Basford’s Lost Ocean: An Inky Adventure and Coloring Book for Adults

Johanna Basford’s Lost Ocean: An Inky Adventure and Coloring Book for Adults is composed of magical illustrations depicting waves and underwater life. The intricate patterns represent seahorses, octopuses, fish, corals, seaweeds, barnacles, shells and even lost treasures. Each page is made of crisp paper with pure ivory color to match with any hue. Its smoothness aims for versatility in blending colors with the use of coloring pens or pencils. It guarantees that colors will not be affected by any texture.

Also Great

Cherina Kohey’s Adult Coloring Book: Butterflies, Flowers and Stress Relieving Patterns have 30 illustrations of adorable floral and butterfly patterns that are perfect for both beginners and experts. The pages start from basic patterns to more complex ones. You will not get overwhelmed at the first page.

Sasha O’Hara’s Calm the F*ck Down: An Irreverent Adult Coloring Book is definitely not for kids. It is relaxing and, at the same time, hilarious. It is perfect for people with a bold sense of humor. This adult coloring book has 21 pages and two bonus pages for testing. It is composed of doodles and illustrations of random things such as fairies, people, and animals. Some statements are just plain hilarious and sassy, not profane. One example is “Home is where the vodka is.”

Alex Fleming’s Go F*ck Yourself, I’m Coloring: Swear Word Coloring Book is another one made for adults only. It has 26 pages with attractive designs that will make you laugh out loud at first sight. It is a great gift for your stressed-out friends who love vulgar humor.

Budget Pick

Dr. Angela Porter’s Creative Haven Entangled Adult Coloring Book also has over 30 pages of unique patterns based on Zentangle, a technique of using repetitive details for relaxation and creativity. The abstract details represent stars, flowers, and other attractive shapes. This adult coloring book is for people who love patterns.

How to Select the Best Adult Coloring Book

Here are important factors to consider before purchasing the best adult coloring book for yourself, or somebody you know who needs a new stress-reliever:

  • Illustrations

    We observe three common types of illustrations for adult coloring books: abstract patterns, specific images, and doodles. They have one thing in common though – theme. Every popular adult coloring book we encountered has a theme going on such as ethnic patterns, vulgarity, animals, and plants. We believe the theme is important because you do not have to analyze what the next page is all about. After all, the whole point of coloring among adults is creating something without thinking too much.

    Also, think about the level of patterns. Are the illustrations too complex for beginners? There are adult coloring books with pages that are arranged from basic shapes to intricate patterns. Read the product description carefully. Most of the time, products indicate if the illustrations are made for beginners, experts or both.

    Some coloring books are only for adults not just because of difficulty. Adult coloring books with vulgar doodles are also popular due to humor. These are also relatable for outspoken people who are so stressed out from work or social life. If a person thinks that coloring is boring, he might give it a chance with hilarious illustrations.

  • Paper

    Spectacular colored illustrations can only be possible with high-quality paper. The perfect paper for adult coloring books is smooth and white. We do not want textured paper because the colors will look feathery and messy with white lines or spots. Meanwhile, white lets colors pop on paper. Some cheap coloring books have grayish or brownish pages that are rough to touch.

  • Pages

    Some adult coloring books only have at least 20 pages while some go for more than a hundred. Some beginners want to buy one for the sake of trying something new without knowing if coloring is indeed the right way for them to relax. You can purchase an adult coloring book as a surprise gift, but the recipient might not get the hang of it. For beginners, coloring books with 20-30 pages are enough. For enthusiasts, however, it is another thing. These people cannot get enough of anything related to coloring, so they deserve hundreds of pages.

    In addition, it is practical to choose an adult coloring book with one-sided pages. Some people might want to display their work, so many coloring books ensure that each of their pages has no image at the back.

Coloring Tip

We have one main tip to produce fantastic work on each page of an adult coloring book – have the right coloring material. Common materials are coloring pencils, markers, and pens. Colored pencils are perfect for tiny spaces. However, they are not as bright as other materials.

Meanwhile, markers are more vibrant to look at. They vary depending on how fine the tip is. Art markers are good for vividness, but they release too much ink that bleeds through paper. A great way to avoid the mess and wasting other pages is putting a sheet of thick paper at the back while coloring. On the other hand, fine markers give bright colors without bleeding through paper. But, they easily run out of ink when you always use them in large spaces.

Lastly, gel pens are good for detailing. You can use ones with glitter for a more magical look. Since some illustrations mix big and small areas together, you can utilize every material we suggested.


An adult coloring book, no matter how simple its purpose is, can be a great help for someone who is down in the dumps or stressed to the bone. It is exciting that adult coloring books come in different themes and illustrations. You can collect various copies to enjoy anytime, anywhere. For more creative moments, you can also make your own storage for adult coloring books and art materials out of shoe boxes.