Best Aftershave Lotion


Aftershave lotion or post-shave splash is one of the essentials in a man’s grooming kit. Together with other manly stuff, such as beard trimmer and beard oil, it helps ensure a pleasant result.

If you are confused about which aftershave lotion to buy, check out the best aftershave lotion in today’s market in the list below

Our Pick: Proraso Refreshing and Toning After Shave Lotion

Proraso Refreshing and Toning After Shave Lotion feels cool on the skin because of menthol. It has witch hazel and eucalyptus oil to reduce the usual stingy sensation in putting aftershave lotion. These ingredients also enhance healing of cuts. The rest of the ingredients are natural to keep skin safe from strong substances such as silicones, parabens, minerals, and dye. This product has been a favorite of barbers since the 1940s.

Runner Up: Shaveology Advanced 2-in-1 Anti-Aging After Shave Balm and Lotion

Shaveology Advanced 2-in-1 Anti-Aging After Shave Balm and Lotion has a unique ingredient called “Golden Seaweed.” This ingredient gives the anti-aging feature of the product. This aftershave lotion can be used as a standalone post-shave essential. It can also serve as a moisturizer for everyday use.

Also Great

Lather & Wood Shaving Co. Premium Aftershave Lotion has a masculine sandalwood scent. Unlike most aftershave lotions, it is alcohol-free to prevent stings. That’s why this product is perfect for men with sensitive skin. This aftershave lotion gives the skin a certain glow which shows freshness and good health. It is non-greasy for quick absorption. A little amount of this product can already do wonders for the skin.

Gillette After Shave Lotion for Sensitive Skin is so good in skin hydration that the user can actually feel its soothing effect. Using this does not result to the usual skin tightness most men feel after shaving.

Rugged & Dapper Soothing Aftershave Lotion also serves as an overall facial moisturizer and anti-aging cream. It can prevent acne and breakouts. It is good not just for men but for the environment as well due to its safe ingredients. This aftershave lotion is effective for all ages and skin types. It is full of vitamins and minerals for skin nourishment.

Budget Pick

Pinaud Clubman After Shave Lotion delivers everything a man needs after shaving: refreshing feeling, skin soothing, healing properties and a particular masculine scent. All these benefits come at a surprisingly low price.

How to Select the Best Aftershave Lotion

Take a look at our list of important factors to consider before purchasing the best aftershave lotion for you or somebody you know:

  • Comfort

    The best aftershave lotion for all men should not be painful or irritating to apply on skin despite cuts. One way to identify the soothing ones is by checking the ingredients. Less alcohol and more natural ingredients, especially a plant or essential oils, in the content are more likely to be refreshing to use rather than giving discomfort.

  • Ingredients

    Stay away from aftershave lotions that have harmful synthetic substances. Shaving can result to open wounds that are vulnerable to infection. Added with the risk of chemicals, cuts will be too painful to clean with the wrong aftershave lotion. Shaving also opens the pores, so we do not want chemicals entering our skin. Men with sensitive skin must totally stop from using chemical-based aftershave products.

  • Scent

    If a man has a sensitive nose or uses cologne daily, it is best to resort to aftershave lotions with a mild scent. Some strong aftershave scents do not blend well with colognes and can even hurt the nose. However, if a man wants to go be more masculine than ever, some aftershave lotions give an attractive manly scent that lets men skip the cologne. Woody scents are usually similar to the traditional smell from barbershops.

  • Skin Type

    Aftershave lotion is best for the normal and oily skin. It is drier than aftershave balm. We recommend balm instead of lotion for dry skin because it is better in hydration. Although, a lot of aftershave lotions nowadays has a 2-in-1 effect. They include the skin hydration effects usually gained from the balm.

Shaving Tips

For men who are new to the world of grooming or just discovered the power of having facial hair, here are a couple of tips to achieve the perfect shave:

  • Pre-condition the skin

    We recommend shaving in the morning. Men might encounter discomfort when they shave after a stressful day because their skin is more likely to be greasy and sticky. When the skin is relaxed, it is softer than usual which makes it easy for the razor. So, it is best to shave after waking up.

    If not early in the morning, there are still alternatives to make it easier when men shave after a long day. Men can use a pre-shave cream to soften the skin and facial hair. Another one is to wrap facial areas for shaving with a warm towel. It is a traditional way for barbers. Lastly, having a hot shower before shaving can also condition the skin.

  • Have hot water nearby while shaving

    Use hot water in rinsing the blade every time it gets full of hair. It makes it easier to remove the hairs because they tend to soften with hot water. The blade needs to be clean most of the time during the process for smooth shaving.


Aftershave lotion is one of the most common skin products used by men who are particular in self-grooming. It ensures that everything is fine with a man’s facial hair and skin after shaving. It focuses on cleaning and moisturizing the skin’s pores and possible cuts.

Even if most aftershave lotions are alcohol-based, find one that it is soothing to the skin. No man deserves to go through pain just because he is particular about looking clean and proper.

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