Best Air Mattress


Accommodating guests inside your home overnight does not have to be difficult, especially if the guest room’s bed is not enough for a lot of visitors. Thanks to air mattresses or airbeds, you can provide your guests comfort with no sweat at all – that is, if you have the right product. Also, you can just deflate air mattresses and store it away from plain sight after your visitors leave. Based on our careful research and product tests, here is the best air mattress in today’s market:

Our Pick: Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress

With Insta-Bed’s comfortable air mattress, you do not have to monitor it closely while it tries to achieve your desired firmness. The air mattress automatically turns off after following the firmness setting you adjusted. It is comfortable in cold nights because of the air’s warmth which is reflected underneath the vinyl cover. Its motorized pump also produces a soft hum which is helpful when you leave the mattress inflating while you sleep. You do not want your sleep interrupted just because of loud motor noise. This mattress is also high, so sitting or standing up is no hassle.

Since inflating it is automatic, this air mattress can also be deflated easily. It shuts down automatically after completely deflating. You can effortlessly put it back inside its duffel bag for storage. More importantly, this product can last for more than a year which is way better than an average air mattress.

Runner-Up: Fox Air Beds High-Rise Air Mattress

Even if it is made of plastic, Fox Air Beds Air Mattress has a way thicker material than most products. It is also sturdy because of the well-designed construction. Despite its durability, it stays comfortable for visitors or travelers.

Also Great

Lazery Sleep’s air mattress already has a remote, LED and pump included in its package. Aside from the convenience given by new technology, the air mattress – unlike other brands – also has a soft top cover which is useful if you run out of bed sheets. If you worry about falling off a mattress that has a curvy and smooth edge, then this product is the right one for you. The mattress has elevated borders for a more secure sleep.’s air mattress is unique because of its extra features. Its package comes with a hypoallergenic and washable bamboo bed sheet and a pump. It also has a wrinkle-free skirt, making the mattress look like a beautiful regular bed. This mattress is also comfortable because of its longer length than the standard one. It is perfect for tall people.

Sleep Restoration’s air Mattress is also one of the most convenient because of its built-in electric pump. You do not have to worry about misplacing inflation devices anymore. After deflating, you would be thankful for the product’s free bag. It is so big that you do not have to fold the mattress meticulously. That definitely saves time.

Budget Pick

Intex’s airbed comes with two pillows and a quick hand pump. Although the pump is not automatic, the affordable price is still worth it because of the bed’s quality. This airbed is large, soft, comfortable, economically friendly, lightweight, portable and easy to deflate. It is perfect not just for house guests but for travelers as well.

How to Select the Best Air Mattress

Air mattresses are quite fragile because after all, its main component – air – can exit the mattress in a snap just because of a teeny tiny hole. Not only that, purchasing the wrong mattress can support the body wrongly resulting to physical pain after waking up. There are a lot more possible issues for an air mattress owner. So, we are giving you important things to consider before you purchase the best air mattress for your guests.

  • Size

    In deciding which size to purchase, consider first how big the room’s space is, your budget, and number of people you want to fit in just one air mattress. Size is actually easy to identify because air mattresses have similar sizes as ordinary ones. You can choose an air mattress measuring king, queen, full or twin size. If you have a small room or space, buying a king- or queen-sized air mattress is surely difficult – even for storage.

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  • User

    Think carefully about who usually visits your home overnight. If not, consider the occasion pushing you to buy an air mattress. Are you going to buy one for your own family to use? For kids, a low-rise air mattress is fine. For older people, they would certainly find it inconvenient to get up from a low-rise one. So, they need a thicker and high-rise air mattress. In addition, make sure to buy a mattress that is long enough for tall people you know.

  • Pump

    If you are an impatient or busy person, never settle for a manual or hand pump. You might selfishly blame the company, even if the bed’s quality is actually good. Patient people who are on a tight budget can definitely benefit from hand-pumped air mattresses. More expensive products come with automatic pumps which is a total delight for any air mattress owner.

  • Surface

    A rubbery or plastic surface is not comfortable at all. Pick an air mattress with a velvet-like surface on top to avoid a slippery and squeaky bedtime.

  • Construction

    Durability is essential since nobody likes a leaking air mattress. The mattress’s purpose would be gone if there are holes. Thick material and sturdy edges all over the mattress is essential to retain air. Even if the surface is thick, weak construction, specifically how the materials are put or combined together, can lead to leaks.

  • Purpose

    Not everybody buys an air mattress for house guests alone. Some buy it for camping or staying out-of-town temporarily because of their longing to sleep comfortably even if they are far away from home. Your target factors for outdoor use is durability, size and storage. Choose a smaller air mattress, commonly known as airbeds, with free bags or cases so you can bring it anywhere. Make sure that the surface is durable enough to withstand rough ground for camping trips.

  • Additional Features

    Some modern air mattresses have unnecessary features but definitely worth to have for an easier and more fun experience. Believe it or not, LED lighting and USB ports are found on some air mattresses. Some even have sensors to detect lowering of pressure and automatically pump air inside without human intervention.


Air mattress is a household essential. Sometimes, we just cannot avoid having guests into our homes. Having an extra bed for guests can be a waste of space. Thankfully, air mattresses exist to show up in times of need but can still be hidden somewhere after use. Having visitors at home from time to time can be a lifetime thing, so invest on a highly durable and comfortable air mattress.