Best Airtight Container


One of the main causes of food spoilage or quality decline is exposure to air. Thanks to science and technology, there are a lot of airtight containers available today. However, not all “airtight” containers are true to their intended purpose. Some may look exactly the same as a typical airtight container but their lids are not as tight as the standard. So, we conducted careful research and product testing to give you our take on the best airtight container in today’s market.

Our Pick: OXO Good Grips POP Rectangle Container

OXO’s airtight container is perfect for dry goods such as rice, jelly beans, chips, sugar and flour. It has a large opening for easy scooping, especially with measuring cups. It is easy to open with just one hand despite its secure, tight seal. Another feature we love about this product is that it ensures to keep the bugs away from rice. This airtight container’s large size has the ability to hold up to 10 lbs. of rice. Lastly, it is BPA-free and you can hear a click every time you close its top, which is useful if you are meticulous.

Runner-Up: Oggi Airtight Acrylic Canister

Oggi’s airtight container is so clear, making it such a breeze to identify the content inside without a label on the surface. It also looks beautiful when displayed. It is very durable because it does not break and pop open when dropped on the floor. Its design is rare for an airtight container due to the decorative and functional spoons hanging on the side. This product’s smaller sizes are perfect for snacks such as nuts and candies. It can be given as a gift because of its beauty and durability. One of our favorite features is the removable seal to easily clean or replace it.

Also Great

Komax Biokips Airtight and Waterproof Cereal Container is the perfect match for cereal junkies. It keeps cereal fresh and preserves the original flavor for a long time. Pouring cereal into this container is easy because of the raised opening. This product has finger grips to avoid accidents. Ants are your enemies when you like sweet cereal. So, this container ensures that your cereal is unreachable by these annoying insects. Its BPA-free material is durable, sturdy and firm. It also has high heat resistance and strong moisture barrier. The container is large enough for the whole family to enjoy.

Bellemain Airtight Acrylic Canister is useful to keep protein powder, almonds, baking soda, tea bags, beans and other goods fresh. Acrylic means BPA-free, so this product is safe to use. Opening the lid is so easy, leading to a mess-free use. This product looks like glass but unbreakable and lighter.

Rubbermaid Brilliance Airtight Food Storage Container is microwaveable even with lid on. It also stays clear from stains when you put saucy food inside. That is why it is convenient to clean, even through a dishwasher. Storing semi-liquid food is also safe with this container because it does not leak. The product’s tight clip lock and secure suction do wonders. Its material is thick and high-quality. This container is perfect for office, school and travel because of its guaranteed no-spill feature.

Budget Pick

Tightpac America, Inc. Airtight Multipurpose Container has a strong vacuum seal and reliable release button to make sure that the food or drink’s smell is kept inside, especially when it is strong and distracting in public places. It is so portable and lightweight that it can fit small bags. It is also durable that it cannot be damaged easily by cramped spaces and clumsiness.

How to Select the Best Airtight Container

It is difficult to trust different brands in choosing the best airtight container. Some products simply do not work despite their claim to be airtight, convenient and safe to use. So, we are sharing these essential factors to consider before purchasing one.

  • Lid

    Airtight containers usually come in lids that are clip-locked on all sides. For a more reliable lid, look for a vacuum seal. Not all airtight containers are waterproof or safe from leakage, so buy leak-free products for saucy food or drinks. Research carefully to avoid regrets.

  • Certification

    If you are so meticulous about safety, look for a symbol on the container that proves being certified by NSF International. Airtight container is usually used for food storage, so NSF really tests products to let food establishments know that the containers are really safe and meeting international standards.

  • Purpose

    You also have to think about the contents you want to put inside an airtight container. For rice, sugar, flour and other products sold in bulk, choose a big container. A large container ensures that all contents are stored in just one place. It also gives the owner enough space to scoop the goods conveniently. For snacks and cereals, pick a container that has a grip and separate opening on the lid so you can just pour the contents directly into a bowl.

  • Material

    Let’s face it – glass containers are better in preserving quality. But, they are very fragile. If you want a safer alternative when it comes to kitchen accidents, buy a plastic container that is BPA-free. Acrylic containers look like glass but more durable and definitely safe from harmful plastic chemicals. Also, check for a microwave-friendly seal to avoid melting your container.

  • Size

    It is a waste of space to buy big containers but you do not actually fill them up. If you do not usually buy goods in bulk, resort to smaller containers. It is also practical to buy different sizes to save space, especially in your cupboard. Just mix and match for storage convenience.

  • Transparency

    Some people are not into labeling stuff. So, glass or acrylic containers are perfect for them because they can exactly see what is inside. Meanwhile, some people prefer to conceal content so they can pick plastic or white containers.

  • Stackable

    For a more storage-friendly container, choose ones that can be stacked to save space. They are also easier to organize in cupboards, shelves, freezers and refrigerators.

  • Cost

    Trustworthy brands are more expensive. Why? They use more high-quality materials and are more intelligently designed. Invest on trusted brands because it pays off for a long time.


A good airtight container mostly relies on its heavy-duty lid. We suggest that you should check that part first when you buy a new container. The second thing you have to consider is how safe the material is if it is not made of glass. The rest depends on your own preferences in size, transparency and other factors. Never settle on anything less than airtight when you buy a container for your goods.