The 6 Best Analog Bathroom Scales of 2018


We can’t blame you if you prefer the traditional design of bathroom scales. Analog displays look downright classy. Also, there’s something satisfying about monitoring the pointer’s position on the dial.

Since you want to go back to basics, we’re here to recommend the best analog bathroom scale.

Our Pick: Ozeri ZB19 Bathroom Scale

To be honest, digital scales will always be more convenient than analog ones. Admit it – they have better readability and more functions. Good thing that Ozeri ZB19 Bathroom Scale has the best of both worlds.

The highlight of this product is the analog dial that synchronizes with the LCD display. Meaning, the result is presented in two ways, which contributes to accuracy. Another benefit of this feature is that you can check your weight even in dim light because of the screen’s backlight.

Appearance-wise, this bathroom scale is a beauty to behold. It perfectly combines retro and modern concepts together. The dial display looks traditional while the chrome accents provide edginess to the entire design.

Runner Up: Salter 200 Professional Mechanical Scale

For people with big feet, Salter 200 Professional Mechanical Scale is a great choice. It has a large platform so you can effortlessly stand still. This feature can actually contribute to precision since constant movement affects the pointer’s position.

Now, let’s focus on a common issue that analog bathroom scales are tricky to read. Fortunately, this product has a feature that solves this problem. It has an extra-large dial measuring 7.25 inches, which is big enough to see from above.

Since bathroom scales are usually left on the floor, you might want to prioritize its appearance to impress your house guests. Luckily for you, this product has a bold retro style because of its fun red color.

Also Great: Health o Meter Oversized Dial Scale

Everything about Health o Meter Oversized Dial Scale is extra-large. Not only does it have an oversized platform; it also has a really big dial with a bright red pointer. It even has extra-large numbers to guarantee that reading your weight will be hassle-free.

If you prefer a more professional look, then this product is ideal for you. It has that basic black and white combination plus chrome accents to represent the usual scales used in clinics. It also has a really high capacity of 400 pounds, just like the body scales used by doctors.

Whenever you’d feel the need to reset the dial of this bathroom scale, simply adjust its cog to return the pointer to the zero mark. Another ergonomic feature is the soft mat so you’ll stay comfortable while standing on the platform. In fact, the platform feels just like a high-quality bath mat.

Also Great: Sunbeam Easy Read Dial Scale

While other users prefer extra-large platforms, you might want something that’s more compact. To save space in your bathroom, the Sunbeam Easy Read Dial Scale is an excellent option. Since it is smaller than other bathroom scales, it is also more lightweight.

Despite its small size, this product is the heavy-duty type. It is mostly made of metal. That’s why it is extremely durable.

Also Great: My Life My Shop Balance 2 Body Scale

Just like the top product here, My Life My Shop Balance 2 Body Scale also combines the typical analog display with a digital monitor. It is clearly retro and, at the same time, modern with its LED display. Just look at that unique bamboo platform!

With this product, you won’t have to manually convert your weight anymore. It can show you the result in both kilograms and pounds.

As soon as you receive this bathroom scale, feel free to use it immediately since it doesn’t need calibrations. Afterward, you may activate the reminder setting so you’ll remember when to step on it again. This is helpful for daily monitoring.

Budget Pick: Thinner Scales Analog Bathroom Scale

If you’re more interested in the oversized products we discussed earlier, then we have a really affordable option for you. Thinner Scales Analog Bathroom Scale has a really big dial as well. Specifically, the dial’s diameter is 6.5 inches.

This product also has an extra-large platform. It measures 13 by 17 inches. As a plus, its mat has a certain grip that can keep your feet secure yet comfortable.

How to Select the Best Analog Bathroom Scale

We were able to choose the best analog bathroom scale by considering some factors. Learn more about our standards:

  • Accuracy

    Without a doubt, accuracy should be your number one priority when buying a bathroom scale. After all, a body scale loses its purpose if it can’t provide the exact measurement.

    As long as a bathroom scale contains a well-designed mechanism, you can expect the best out of it. It is more likely to give accurate results since it is supported by components that work perfectly together. One example of a useful component is the reset knob which is great for “tuning” the dial.

  • Durability

    You should also prioritize the bathroom scale’s external housing, case, or shell. In fact, the precision of analog scales is eventually affected by material deterioration. Once the outer shell wears out, it is easier for dirt to clog the internal components of the scale, which reduces accuracy.

    That’s why metal analog scales are a must-have. Just make sure that the metal surface won’t corrode in the long run. Remember, bathroom scales are prone to splashes of water.

    Tempered glass is also an excellent choice. At least with this material, the bathroom scale is less likely to rust.

    Sadly, only a few analog scales use tempered glass, making it hard for you to look for similar options. One reason why this material is less common than metal is the meticulous manufacturing process to toughen glass.

  • Readability

    A common reason why more people prefer digital bathroom scales is easier readability. We have to admit – looking at flashing numbers is more convenient than relying on a pointer. However, don’t let that ruin your preference for analog scales.

    Fortunately, oversized numbers and a brightly colored pointer are already enough to improve the dial’s readability.

    If you want something more than that, then opt for a digital bathroom scale with an analog dial. This type of scale shows the result in two ways: a dial pointer and a digital monitor. The best part about the digital display is its backlight so you can measure your weight even in low light.

  • Size

    If you have a small bathroom as well as small feet, don’t hesitate to choose a compact body scale. This size will obviously save space inside your bathroom.

    However, compact bathroom scales clearly have smaller numbers. If you have a weak eyesight, you should wear eyeglasses first before stepping on the scale.

    Considering the disadvantage of compact analog scales, oversized analog ones are definitely better for most people. If it will occupy too much space inside your bathroom, just store your body scale under your bed or place it upright somewhere.

  • Safety

    Since bathroom scales are more likely to have wet platforms because of their usual location, accidents can happen. You might slip while stepping on the scale’s surface. That’s why analog scales with a fabric mat or a non-slip platform are highly recommended.


Out of all the excellent products we’ve encountered, we ultimately selected Ozeri ZB19 as the best analog bathroom scale. It perfectly combines the fun retro look of analog scales and the convenience of modern technology.