Best Android Phone


Mobile phones are solely created in the beginning for constant communication anywhere, anytime. However, as time went by, Android smartphones got more popular because of humans’ growing need to be entertained as well anywhere they go. While putting into consideration the main purpose of mobile phones, Android functionality and affordability, we are giving you the best Android phone in today’s market after careful research and product testing.

Our Pick: Motorola Moto G 4th Gen

Motorola’s Android phone aces messaging, data and cellular service features. Its 1080 display is excellent, decent for older customers. With lesser pixels compared to expensive phones, this phone also consumes less energy. Despite its slim design, it is still easy for the hands, added by the fact that its back is made of rubber which contributes to a nice grip. It has loud speakers, perfect for music trip without the need of Bluetooth speakers. It may be affordable, but it connects faster with other devices and a wireless network than many expensive phones. This phone charges fast and responds well to touch. Obviously, expensive phones have better camera than cheaper ones but this product can still capture good photos.

Runner-Up: Huawei Honor 5X Smartphone

Huawei’s Android phone has typical functionalities of the traditional smartphone, but it has a highly functional fingerprint scanner for an easier and more secure lock. Its screen has the perfect contrast and brightness. With regular usage, this phone does not lag and crash when using applications. Its body is metallic for a more durable phone. This is considered to be one of the best low-cost phones. For an affordable price, you can already enjoy a phone that has a high battery life, a decent camera and a high-quality processor.

Also Great

LG Stylo 2 Android Phone is great for wireless connectivity, social media updates and entertainment. Its vast functionality is compared to tablets. This phone is pretty light and slim. You can watch tons of videos here from YouTube, Netflix and other platforms without any hassle. This product has a big screen, perfect for watching videos. Its lighting can be set for avid e-book readers. It has a lot of memory for apps.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Android Phone is so durable and stays functional for a long time despite external damages. Its front camera can produce high-quality selfies. Its battery can last for the whole day even with continuous app usage, and communication through messaging and calls.

Budget Pick

BLU R1 HD Android Phone has a fast processor for simple games. It can give you a 4G LTE experience despite the low price. It also looks expensive and stylish. Its colors are vivid underneath the gorilla glass display that is smooth, non-stick, scratchproof and cannot retain fingerprints. This phone also has dual everything – camera, flash and SIM.

How to Select the Best Android Phone

The price of an Android phone relies on bonus features such as advanced gaming and more complicated apps. For battery life and functionality alone, you can already enjoy an Android phone with just a few bucks. Take a look at these essential factors to consider before buying a new Android phone.

  • Size

    Some people love big phones, some do not. Some people find it difficult to handle slim phones. Older people would have a hard time reading and typing words on small phones. There are lot of options available when it comes to size, so think about which one is the most convenient to you.

  • Memory

    Music lovers, photo enthusiasts and download maniacs obviously need an Android phone with high memory capacity. You can specifically consider internal memory, expandable storage or both.

  • Operating System

    Google keeps on upgrading the Android OS. That leads to incompatibility with the newest apps if you have an older version. If you are particular about getting updated with apps, choose one of the newest Android phone models of a brand. Older models have obsolete OS. It can be a hassle to manually upgrade your Android phone’s OS. But, if you only need a smartphone for basic communication needs and simple entertainment, there are a lot of affordable choices available.

  • Battery

    For longer battery life, some things need to be sacrificed. If you have a high budget, you will not have a problem. Affordable units with high battery life have limited access to apps especially games and slower processor than expensive ones.

  • Camera

    Check the megapixel or MP of the Android phone’s camera if you want to know how high quality its photos will be. Higher MP equates to a clearer and more vivid picture.

  • 4G-Ready

    People who love to use online apps should take note of this. New apps usually need stronger internet connection. The technology called “4G” is the most important necessity for phones nowadays when it comes to staying online outside the house without any hassle.

  • Compatibility

    Specifically, the new Android phone should be compatible with other devices you own or plan on buying. Consider the gadgets and devices you have before purchasing it. Ensure that it would connect well with your tablet or other phone through Bluetooth.  As soon as you buy the phone, check if it connects with your wireless router at home so you can solve the issue as soon as possible. If you have a smart TV, test your new phone if it connects with it.

  • Processor

    A major reason for lag is how capable the processor is. A higher processor lets you multitask smoothly. It also makes the phone respond to your commands fast. Quad-core is the most popular nowadays because of its efficiency. It can process games with heavy graphics.


An Android phone’s quality has a lot to do with how much its price is. More expensive ones are made of more high-quality materials and can process heavier apps. You will surely be entertained even more with pricey phones because of their latest updates and focus on trends. However, simplicity also means durability and longer battery life. It is just a matter of deciding what you want to prioritize.

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