Best Ankle Boots


Throughout history, boots are purposely worn for their function in covering the whole feet and lower part of the legs. These are useful in battles or wars, and surviving the cold. Nowadays, boots are redesigned to keep up with the changing fashion sense of people. Ankle boots, in particular, are popular for women because of the edgy and trendy feminine look.

Before focusing on ankle boots, shoes usually come in boxes. Aside from the best products, we also promote taking good care of our environment. There are so many creative ways to reuse shoe boxes, so make sure to try our tips and be amazed.

After careful research and product testing, we are giving you the best ankle boots in today’s market.

Our Pick: DailyShoes Military Combat Ankle Boots

DailyShoes Military Combat Ankle Boots have a really unique design. They have special compartments for money, credit cards, IDs, pocket knife, tickets, coupons, keys, and other small flat necessities. For comfort and security, their opening has a circumference of 9 inches with a padded collar to fit well around most ankle sizes. Strutting with these ankle boots on any surface is a breeze because of the slip-resistant rubber soles. This product is made of durable vegan leather that does not wear out easily after continuous dynamic movement.

Runner Up: Sam Edelman Women’s Ankle Boots

Sam Edelman Women’s Ankle Boots look iconic and chic despite the ultimate comfort they bring. They have a luxurious design even with their affordable price. They perfectly match with both young and old women because of their youthful yet sophisticated look.

Also Great

Breckelle’s Women’s Heather-34 Faux Suede Ankle Boots have chunky heels for comfort and stability. They show a Western vibe for fun and energetic weekend parties. They can also be worn daily because they match well with any style.

Top Moda Women’s Buckle Straps Ankle Boots have low heels made of soft rubber to prevent noise while walking. Its buckle straps are not just made for a perfect fit. They are also designed to complement with the boots elegantly.

Reneeze BEAUTY-03 Women Petty Ankle Boots can be worn casually and professionally, specifically with dresses or jeans. They have a rich color. They are perfect for winter because of their warm interior. These ankle boots have high-quality side zippers.

Budget Pick

Forever Women’s Buckle Strap Ankle Boots has faux leather but still close to the real thing considering the price. They can enhance your outfit, so better brace yourself for a series of compliments.

How to Select the Best Ankle Boots

We have five important factors that you have to consider before purchasing the best ankle boots for yourself:

  • Style

    These are popular style choices for ankle boots that can go together in just one pair: classic, fringed, leather, suede, high heels, stacked heels, wedge, round toe, pointed toe, peep toe, zippered, and buckled. Keep in mind that some ankle boots are good for the workplace while some look too casual. Not all ankle boots can match every outfit. Some look good with slacks while some match with denim pants. Others go well with short skirts and dresses. There are definitely ankle boots that literally match with anything you wear, so consider yourself lucky if you manage to find that pair.

  • Height

    This part is kind of tricky, but you might learn something new. When we say height, we do not mean the heels. Height or cut of the ankle boots refers to how high the shoe’s opening go. It is a significant factor that can be the make or break of your purchase. The ankle boots’ height can make your legs appear longer or shorter.

    There are five common cuts for ankle boots. The first three are nearest to the ankle bone: low, middle and high. The middle part hits right on the bone. Meanwhile, the high part completely covers the bone but still looks short. For higher cuts, the lower one is at least one inch above the ankle while the highest usually reaches 2-3 inches. An even higher cut means that it is already a regular boot, not the ankle type.

    Obviously, the lowest cut fits for short-legged women, especially with big ankles. It elongates the legs since it shows more skin. The highest cut of ankle boots looks better with longer and slimmer legs. But, that must not stop you from wanting the other cut. Tall women can still wear low-cut ankle boots perfectly, same with petite women and high-cut boots. It is just a matter of confidence and wearing the right length of skirt, dress or pants.

    To make things easier, if you are really self-conscious about the appearance of your legs, you can choose ankle boots with buckles and other details to draw attention away from your legs. Ones with heels and wider openings also look great with any body type and outfit.

  • Outfit

    Do you always cover your legs with pants or do you love to set your legs free most of the time? If you often wear jeans, you can resort to wedge ankle boots. Black wedge boots even look better with black tights. However, they can make your legs look shorter if paired with skirts and dresses. If you love to expose your legs, ankle boots with heels are the best choices.

  • Comfort

    Of course, we have to think about how comfortable the ankle boots are especially if you always walk from one place to another. Flat ankle boots are obviously the most comfortable ones. They look best with jeans and small ankles. If you prefer heels, choose thick ones or wedges for comfort.

  • Purpose

    For parties, stiletto ankle boots look formal and attractive. On the other hand, ones made of suede keep your feet warm during cold weather. Combat boots that are just above your ankles are perfect for a busy, dynamic day.


If you have a lot of inhibitions in wearing knee-high boots, then you are an ankle boot type of girl. There are a lot of styles to choose from which can confuse you. So, in order to identify the best ankle boots for you, you have to consider your daily wear, preferred style, and purpose in buying a pair. You also have to consider the boots’ cut or height based on the size of your legs and ankles.

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